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  1. Yes! After 3 days we have a rumble of thunder in North London
  2. I do love the weather in the UK. I’ve been very jealous of the Midlands and NW having all the storms the last few days, praying they could form near me in London. Now at last we have some storms as I’m about to start a round of golf! I’ll wear some rubber shoes just in case... Not that I’m being fussy of course
  3. I’ve always been a winter > summer person on these forums but I’m turning! Given that winters are increasingly wet nowadays. And of course storm tracking is about as exciting as it gets
  4. Morning all, Looking forward to this afternoon! Not holding much hope in the London area but both myself and my dad aren’t scared to get in the car and have a chase! The question is how far are we willing to chase... We can hope for a nice surprise down south. Good luck to everyone
  5. Here’s a video of the storm coming through Barnet, North London! Some of the heaviest hail I’ve seen! The odd flash of lightning and rumble of thunder now as the rest passes through. IMG_2718.MP4
  6. Snow actually a bit heavier now here, to my surprise. A decent morning of snow-watching even if it won’t settle, I’ll take it. IMG_2193.MP4
  7. Been snowing for around an hour and a half now, just East of Watford. Flakes keep fluctuating in size, but fields are now turning an ever so slightly lighter shade of green!
  8. I’m hoping so but keeps on turning back to sleet whenever it gets lighter so it’ll be tricky I think
  9. Heavy snow! No chance of settling unfortunately but great to see nonetheless
  10. A tree came down in Cockfosters, North London during the squall line!
  11. I'll be going out to Reading festival this bank holiday weekend and I'm praying for good weather after last year was cold and wet despite what the rest of summer 2018 was like! What are my chances like of some heat and staying dry?
  12. Cloud coming in over north London which has brought it down from 36.4 to 36.1. Should get another run at a record before about 3pm I hope?
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