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  1. I think there’s still a lot of surprises out there for people today
  2. This is so British! Students at my school have started a petition to get school cancelled. We’re on 250 signatures in 45 minutes!
  3. Come to Papa! Just a mile or two more and then you can stop moving!
  4. Is that heading that way?! I was led to believe it was heading eastish and light just get Kent? I hope you’re right!
  5. Could be a radar error but a big gap in the middle of the PPN seemed to fill in really nicely in the last half hour or so
  6. I’ve got two problems: I’ve got no lamppost at school and I’ve got homework to do! Nothing will stop me from constantly refreshing the radar however.
  7. Amazing sunrise here in Watford this morning. Not sure how well that picture will come out though. Lots of areas in the shade still had yesterday mornings frost in the evening so much of the ground will be able to hold this mornings frost throughout the day. This could make it much much easier for snow to settle than it was on Tuesday on a warmer and wetter ground.
  8. Yes, having also watched the models on hurricanes they seemed really poor with them this year. Often reeeaaally overdoing it or reeeaaally underdoing it in terms of pressure. Maybe it’s a similar scenario here just for a winter storm rather than summer.
  9. I really like the fact that it’s corrected sooo far south and even missed south in fact. I think it’s like we’ve seen the Northernmost possibility and now the Southernmost possibility and so the eventual outcome should be somewhere near the middle of the two, which is hopefully right where we need it for maximum snow! The pendulum has gone one way and will surely go back the other way before coming to rest in the middle.
  10. I’m also heading off to Canada at half term. Jasper for a week and can’t wait! Not heaps of snow there this season but so cold that it’s not an issue
  11. I look in the firing line in North London. A part doesn’t want snow today because I have hockey today! But I pray for it year round so if it does get me I won’t complain!
  12. This thing is pivoting! Radar from 21:00 skip to Latest really shows it well.
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