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  1. Heavier snow gone through. Now fine snow but steadily falling. Temp. -1.6C
  2. Snowing steadily in Heathfield Temp dropped to -1.0C
  3. Moderate snow in Heathfield Temp. -0.2C
  4. Light snow just started. temp 0.8C
  5. Snow petering out now as back edge of this front passes over. About another inch of snow. Temp dropped back from -1.8C to -2.2C Good winter spell this week.
  6. Light snow here in Heathfield. Temp -2.0C Maybe a little more tonight and again tomorrow--we'll see. Radar watching been fun though.
  7. Light snow here now in Heathfield. Temp -5.1C
  8. Ice day here in Heathfield as max reached -1.0C. Now -5.1C No snow at all here so far today but a biting wind with snow blowing around. Now for tomorrow--what will that bring.??
  9. Low last night of -8.9C. Currently in Heathfield it is -8.4C. About an extra 2cm of snow, most of which fell between 9.30pm and 11pm
  10. Snowing heavily here--all that was black is now white. The sledging slopes receiving a good top up. Temp -4.9C
  11. Snowing in Heathfield now. Temp up from -6.4C to -5.3C as cloud rolled in.
  12. Temp already down to -2.1C--in the sun earlier it felt "warm" as no wind. Keeping an eye on the radar now.
  13. We have 12cm here. Sunshine now and will be thawing whilst sun out. Traffic seems to be moving ok where I am in Heathfield. temp up to the dizzy heights of -0.5C interestingly, we just had a good hour of heavy snow but not a breath of wind.