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  1. Temp down from 4C to 3.5C in 15 minutes--rain/sleet and wind
  2. Heavy snow causing some road issues 4-5cm at a guess. Temp -0.3C
  3. Turned white again here in Heathfield, E Sussex Temp now at 0.0C--snowing steadily
  4. A couple of inches of snow. Still below freezing here just at -0.3C. Heathfield ESussex
  5. Still snowing fairly hard here. A few centimetres on the ground. Temp -0.8C Heathfield E Sussex
  6. Heavy snow here for a while. Winter wonderland Temp -0.9C Heathfield E Sussex
  7. Snow falling here again--dusting on all surfaces Temp steady at -0.9C Heathfield E Sussex
  8. Snow petered out here--a very light dusting on the car roof--that's it for now -0.9C
  9. Gone from very light snow to light snow Temp down a notch -0.9C
  10. Finally reached 0.0C now Looking forward to topping up the snow we have left from the other evening
  11. Temp dropped from 2.2C to 0.4C over last 45 mins--Continental air influence ahead of the front.
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