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  1. This is the 23rd day in a row that i have seen Snow on the ground whilst driving to work albeit very small patches, i can't remember the last time that happened.
  2. Nice and white outside now and got to go out and get my daughter from the pub later which could be interesting.
  3. Bacon, honey sausages, eggs, beans and a nice crusty loaf ready for a snowy cooked breakfast, well at least that's what i'm hoping for.
  4. Can't help with embedding but to do a screenshot try using the "snipping tool" to find it just type snip in the search box on your pc, you can then select a section of screen, use a highlight or pen tool and then save the selected area as a .png far better than the old print screen option. Sample below.
  5. Hi everyone, we are coming up to Warwick tomorrow from Wiltshire up the A429 and just wanted to check if the road is ok and clear, our roads are now fine after a rapid thaw today and was hoping it'll be ok to travel up your way. Thanks.
  6. Yes same here and the snow has a crispy layer on the top, might venture out with the camera later.
  7. Looking at the layer of ice on the car and the top of the snow is frozen it looks like we had some freezing rain last night, the snow is no longer drifting in the wind.
  8. Looking good in Warminster and hopefully plenty more to come, can't remember the last time i saw snow that is so dry.
  9. Sat in the lounge watching the snowflakes get bigger and heavier by the minute, this is so much fun
  10. Light snow now falling in Warminster so hopefully that's the start of Emma's arrival.
  11. Bread bought, milk bought, home from work with radar being closely watched and it looks promising so now just sit and look out of the window. Enjoy the event everyone it should be quite a memorable one.
  12. Just had a look and wasn't expecting that at all as not even touched on during the forecasts.
  13. Just got in and van showing -5c in Warminster with a few flurries in the air, tomorrow looks amazing and got everything crossed for a snowmageddon event and will be disappointed with anything less than 10-15cm, must charge the camera up.
  14. More showers now starting to appear below the main area so fingers crossed they keep growing on their journey West
  15. Who remembers the programme called SOAP? well this snow event reminds me of the will it, won't and to what degree end to each episode!
  16. Metoffice website showing heavy snow for Warminster from 3pm to midnight with good strong breeze, just hope this comes off.
  17. 10-15cm of powder snow with a strong breeze will cause chaos on the roads with very large drifts forming quite quickly, it's gonna be fun and i'm looking forward to seeing a proper snow drift something i haven't seen for many years.
  18. At last, just had a shower of snow in Warminster and i don't think even 1 flake melted which is great. Hoping the forecast is right for Thursday/Friday but feel for those having to get to work.
  19. Interesting forecast just now from Thomas on BBC, gives 2-10cm in south by end of Wednesday and then he said the south as the low heads north could be heading for a full blown blizzard! bring it on this next 5 days are going to be fun!
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