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  1. Southend must have at least 30cm after tonight, they had like 15cm from yesterday
  2. Very very heavy snow literally 9/10 big flakes, been like this for over 10 minutes. easily over 2cm already.
  3. aahha, i'm just saying ... they seem to be fading by the time they hit the shore.
  4. The metoffice has my area down for heavy snow friday 00:00 to 09:00am , :O 9 hours of heavy snow plus sub zero temps throughout the day so the snow doesn't melt.
  5. i still feel as if the charts will be wrong. they always give good results then fail.
  6. I wonder when the south east would actually get any kind of decent snowfall, maybe in 5 years. Hasn't snowed here properly in over 4 years.
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