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  1. Coming down a bit more here now, but its not heavy. not like the other week.
  2. Just rain in taplow. Got to Heathrow and rain and roads clear hardly any snow. Melted. 2c
  3. Just now in Taplow, Bucks. it has metted a fair bit over the last couple hours though
  4. Here you go, my back garden lol Sky tv stopped also as covered in snow lol
  5. Temp steady at 0, Pressure seems a bit way off on my machine though. Looking at the rainfall at 0.00mm I think the only bit working is the temp sensor lol
  6. Temp now fallen to 0c, and snow heavier. anything to get out of sunday shopping!!!!!!
  7. Great to here - I am down the road in slough. Fingers crossed. nothing settling here yet
  8. Now snow here - although light. very wet on ground so doubt it will settle
  9. Yup same here - temp now gone from 2 to 1c and yup more wintry . fingers crossed
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