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  1. MAD is the thread where go to get chewed up and spat out It's another thread on NW that discusses forecast models etc.... If you venture in - Good Luck :-)
  2. Working away this week, currently in a hotel just outside of Wokingham, Had some decent snow showers yesterday, and it still makes me smile when people were watching the snow in the office, loads of people with smiles on their faces, people talking to people they wouldn't normally speak with, wish it could snow everyday - for me it just brings people together NB - From my hotel room I can see light snow blowing around in the air, hoping I'll get some decent snow tomorrow in my current location, obviously would rather by home (Frome) in front of the log fire Good luck to
  3. Guess there's time, I wonder if any of the more experienced guys 'n' gals have any views?
  4. A few more flurries in Frome, no accumulations Got to feel unlucky if your from the IOW, if that streamer was 20K north it could have been some decent snow for those guys
  5. Few flakes in Frome blowing in the wind, going to be away from the region when the real fun starts towards the end of week, from Ian F latest tweet it could get very interesting - Good luck all :-) IanF tweet below W COUNTRY Much colder conditions, with v marked wind chill, establish now through Tues-Weds-Thurs. Whilst snow showers/flurries poss anywhere during early-mid week, amounts at that stage generally small. However, during Thurs-Fri, risk of widespread & drifting snow being watched.
  6. The BBC graphics now have my area (just outside Frome) for light snow from 14:00 - 19:00, these have been changing so much over the last few hours.... Is there still time for a further southerly movement??
  7. Hi All, Been viewing the threads for a while now, this is my first post - so please be gentle I must say the South-West, Central-Southern England is the place to be I have a couple of questions, that I'm sure you'll be able to answer (I'll be honest - all this is quite new to me) I'm slightly confused on how this weather is tracking, I'm viewing the radars and it seems all the PPN is moving from the Irish Sea over Cornwall / Devon then over to NW France, I'm assuming this will some way change track?? Also, I've noticed the BBC graphics seem to changing virtually
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