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  1. Just started in Northants, big flakes and snow all the way :-)
  2. This is becoming an epic snow event in my part of Northants, the snow drifts on the roads today I haven't seen since the 80's, after tonight's snow most roads must be blocked!
  3. Heaviest snow of the night hitting Northampton right now, blizzard!
  4. Heavy snow Northampton, roads covered very quickly, great stuff :-)
  5. Light Snow Northampton, it's on its way..
  6. Not surprised, I'm further south than you, the roads (A428) are in a state, drifting from the fields making it one lane road in places.
  7. Great stuff in Northants, heavier stuff to come looking at the radar!
  8. Snow getting heavier and heavier in Northants, think this has caught everyone out, radar looks fantastic! Friday to come, happy days :-)
  9. I'm in East Haddon, heavy snow here at mo, don't give up hope..
  10. Heavy snow in West Northants, great stuff
  11. Northants doing well again, looking good out there :-)
  12. Been steadily snowing in Northants, looking like winter out there :-)
  13. Well I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I read your analysis with great interest Knocker, I feel I've learnt alot from your posts, so please don't stop.
  14. Yes Northants has had it good again, I'm not far from you, East Haddon near Long Buckby