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  1. I'm not saying the got it right. Clearly, that's out by a distance. My point is that, considering that's the only part of their warning which went awry, I think it's fair to cut them some slack.
  2. They did not mess up massively. As I said, two of the three amber warning areas were absolutely spot on, and the other was only slightly out. Furthermore, the HIRLAM model (which for some reason everyone seems to be praising) was showing 10cms+ around the Thames estuary and across London - look how wrong that turned out.
  3. Nick, I think you're one of the most informed posters on here, but posts like this wind me up. Why would the UKMO admit they messed up? Amber warning Lincolnshire and Yorkshire - they got that right. Amber for the SW - they're getting that right. The amber for London and SE was slightly out but only by 50 / 60 miles, hardly a huge fail on their part. Also, to state the obvious, a warning is merely a prediction, it doesn't guarantee snow. It's like some 'amateur forecasters' on here take pleasure in seeing the pros get it slightly wrong. Bizarre.
  4. A full day of sun and frequent, heavy snow showers. Those ones that give proper whiteout conditions. Rare as a hen's dentures in London sadly.
  5. That's a little aggressive. Sorry, couldn't resist. How has Berkshire done? Seemed like everything that moved over me in north-west London intensified as it buggered off west!
  6. In a word...no. Snow gradually clearing our region over the next three or four hours. The focus then becomes south-west, central Southern England (I think).
  7. Agreed. I think we're on borrowed time now in London. Can't see too much of note over the next few hours. Still, any snow is welcome snow!
  8. You seem to live in a Siberian micro-climate, I'm just down the road from you and we have about a cm with light/moderate snow...
  9. Any chance people could stop using a weather forum to discuss drugs?
  10. Finally tapering off here after three hours of moderate / heavy snow. What a cold spell this has been. It's had everything - drifting snow in central London (first time I've seen that in my lifetime, and I'm 33), record low temperatures, nationwide snowfall, easterly gales and a good old-fashioned blizzard in the west and south-west. After five days of falling and settling snow we have a final total of 8cms in north-west London, with drifts of 15cms. I'd rank this above January 2010 and December 2010, purely for its depth of cold and longevity. Not quite as good as the 2009 Thames streame
  11. Still snowing heavily in north London, an absolutely amazing day here, we've just had constant snow all day. Up to four inches now and eight-inch drifts. This is pushing Feb 2 2009 now as my favourite snow event!
  12. You deserve it! I've been following your updates on Twitter and you've done a great job. Nice one.
  13. Well after I got the right hump yesterday, today has well and truly delivered for most of north London and the southern home counties. Went for a walk in proper blizzard conditions and a wind that makes your face ache - not experienced cold like that since the mid-90s. From having thought this cold spell underwhelming on Monday I'm now rating it on par with 2010.
  14. When was the last time we saw snow this widespread and heavy from Edinburgh down to London? Quite exceptional.
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