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  1. Win the ball outside the box... Var... Foul and penalty var is just taking the Tut out of us at the moment
  2. Yep cant see anyone paying it when you can just stream so the whole thing will just back fire on the prem...
  3. If this had gone in it would of summed up Adrian as much as the first goal...
  4. Well least this game would of been a wake up call..... Can we call Karius back from loan... No way is adrian good enough for number two.. Also we need a cb.. Gomez is chair
  5. Adrian actually makes a save! Think he best frame that
  6. Slow lathagic but how was it not a pen to salah at 1-0? This performance though has been car crash all started when Allison got injured sat...
  7. united are a joy to watch 1st class comedy
  8. Have to say that var was a bit yeah.... a joke... Unlucky spures newcastle were rubbish
  9. Just put the chelsea game on for the second half... Had to take a double look at the scoreline! haha
  10. Andy Robertson got relegated with hull Good to see VAR is being used correctly this season! We need step it it up 2nd half you feel if we get one... the flood gates will open
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