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  1. Moderate snow, Roads and pavements covered again
  2. Premier League Discussion

    Mark Hughes appointed Southampton’s new manager on deal to end of season https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/mar/14/mark-hughes-appointed-southampton-manager-mauricio-pellegrino?CMP=share_btn_tw
  3. Please be true... Would be a nice surprise.
  4. Just saw this photo on bbc wiltshire safe to say Salisbury plan is a no go
  5. So is that it for snow prospects today? That band went further north then forecast?
  6. It looks like its dieing alot...
  7. If its marginal? Bigger chance of bigger flakes? Should hit hear in Poulshot in next 10 mins so i will have a answer soon
  8. It is BB its why i was asking is that the second low due for tomorrow? But apparently its a nice surprise
  9. The stuff in the channel where is it heading...is that the low meant to be tomorrow afternoon r a surplice? How do change name? Looks like person above has similar name, Great minds think alike though
  10. Just can't see it happening for us Long shot at best
  11. After rain and more rain its now snowing. shame it wont settle
  12. starting to feel optimistic, rain apparently for the last hour according to radar, yet non has fallen to the ground
  13. Ice pellets not bad considering your by the sea side, maybe their is hope for some of us