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  1. I like ole he is a nice guy and needs a bumper contract... Pukki levels it at spurs Edit son makes it 2 1
  2. you done dna? i am Neanderthal Ancestry 2.897 Percent
  3. Yep ref was right by it gave goal... VAR was a joke their hardly touched ddg no clear and ov error by the ref their
  4. Sunday could be fun for united judging by this performance lol
  5. Was comical defending the handball rules need changing tho as if it hit a defender like that it would be no pen...
  6. Iran plane crash: UK ambassador detained amid protests over plane crash NEWS.SKY.COM Iran initially denied claims that it had shot the plane down by accident, after Canada and the US made the accusation.
  7. Can we have some love for Ole please i think he needs to stay!!!
  8. Thanks for coming Everton... are B/Y team just sent your first 11 home and out of the cup :)... Some good players coming though r ranks all is looking good Shanks been proved right though... Their are only two teams in the city liverpool and liverpool reserves
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