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  1. but good old Leicestershire missed out toon, and will do again it seems!!!!
  2. December 1990 if memory serves me correct... no power or water, flushing toilets with melted snow. It was before Christmas as remember Christmas decorations ?
  3. Is the snow only here for a very short time - I,e minutes or is it likely to carry on for longer until it turns to rain?
  4. im going for another walk if it falls here, make the moist of it! we walked to the pub last night and wobbled home, loved it!!!!
  5. I love reading the forums BUT I get hope for a dump of snow as others have, I am left feeling very envious of others wins. Leics has failed again. we had snow, the grass is covered, but not the depths of others. I went for a lovely walk last night, Glad I Did as the weather was superb, blowing snow in the icy wind, drifts, fabulous! Roads for a time were covered too. we can hope for more today but I do think being so central is our downfall for many reasons. We live in hope for any snow event because there is always a chance !!
  6. Not for Leicestershire- the snow shield is well in place - again grrrr
  7. So Leicestershire not included in the amber warning then , typical! It is hammering it down though, small flakes. So not all bad my feeling, we are so central we miss it when it’s north south east or west! But because we are central we are so often teased by all the fronts!
  8. I may go for a drive! Find it. Where is best folks? Don’t want to get stuck though heheh
  9. thats hilarious, still missing East Midlands ie. Leicestershire, makes it even worse!! looking even closer, thats most of the UK except the middle!!!!!!!!
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