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  1. Its weird i cant see no activity over linconshire
  2. Look at this mornings snow. Caught everyone. I wouldnt be surprised for it to be the case again
  3. Snowjokes92

    North west regional discussion

    Pennines and saddleworth could get another big hit if that radar is correct
  4. Anyone been watching radar ppn moving sowly to west and south of region and possibly north! Not far away
  5. So are we expected to see that area of ppn over east anglia and east midlands moving north west? Or develop are own convection. Sorry convection defo not my strong point
  6. Oh god i thought it was the dregs coming from before the system. Blimey looks like game on
  7. Is that the recipe for convection and PPN? I suppose we need the low to stau further south for a stronger easterly
  8. What time roughly are you thinking
  9. Are you referring to that area of cloud east of humber that looks like a small low? I cant tell what im looking at with cloud satellite
  10. So maybe more organised lines of snow?
  11. Jesus we have enough snow in kirklees and snow just piling on drifts. Think countryside areas will have drifts of several feet. You got a link for sat24 thank you
  12. Does anyone know why the amber warning has moved down into yorkshire? Is something else brewing or are they thinking convection line will be a bit more south. Just had all the snow this morning. Ita been treacherous and stopped for now. Round corner from me:
  13. Convection line must be further south they probably think
  14. This is round corner from me lol march 2013 all over again and more forecast
  15. Hows rest of day looking lol. Dont think anyone can say lol. But amber warning extended right into west yorks up to tomorrow for more heavy snow showers! Unbelievable