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  1. Are we gonna see any activity soon? It looks quiet round are parts
  2. Huddersfield got a new all time record of 34.2 astounding for up here
  3. I believe so. You dont have to say much when in the last 250 years the last 4 have been the warmest globally. It makes you wonder. Its like 35c is the new 30c. We hit it more or less every year no problem and a handful of times each summer
  4. Is it possible with the west ward corrections we might squeeze in another day of mid to high 30s. Truly extroadinary developments tonight. Notice the corrections west are churning out different solutions to beyond friday. May well lock in to a dry and warm/hot spell of weather. What is fascinating is the depth of widespread heat showing. A big chunk to the south and east are showing 37 and even 38s. Bear in mind the record was 38.5 . Could wipe the floor with the record
  5. How many times does gfs over do the jet stream and atlantic influence. I trust ecm more with this one to be honest i cant see the low been that deep and we get close i assume it will modify which is better to keep the plume over us
  6. Thats twice now in a summer where such hot anomalies have been pushing up into western europe what a bizarre summer this. The pendulum swings once again and this time round the temperatures are responding on the ground compared to end of june. It is concerning however if this does happen, what will happen if that air source sticks over us for a lengthy period
  7. If you want to see a record breaking heatwave and one of the hottest set ups you will get look no further than gefs p10! Blimey that would be a historical event!
  8. Wow that trends shows mid 30s is a regular occurance
  9. Big difference this morning in west yorkshire. Feeling rather warm already and low cloud has gone!
  10. The depth of heat is staggering. 20 uppers in scotland. Places like leeds and manchester could see there records been broken
  11. Look at that boundary of red so massive and hot and inportantly in the righr place for us. Imagine what july could bring
  12. Im loving the new era of climate swings and extremes. Its starting to become the norm. I think this is what we will see more often extremes fron both ends hot and cold. Also worth noting the top models have shown there hottest runs ever all in one day
  13. Its hard to believe on the back of summer 2018 we are seeing record breaking heat been modelled in the short term a year on! Its not something we have ever seen in the models and ive never seen all main models in agreement to something as extreme for us. If we dont get 40c i think it will prove its more possible to achieve than ever before.
  14. So guys, the gfs 12z mean ALONE reaches a record high upper air temp of 22 degrees and thats just the mean!! Some runs manage to reach 26c!! Isnt that a big 3 or 4 degree jump from the record?!
  15. Despite what surface the surface temps will be next week, its going to potentially feel hotter than 2003 or any other record breaker, as the upper air temps record is smashed on a lot of models, gfs in particular. Its smashed by a huge margin on recent gfs runs. So i agree we may not see the record go due to the conditions like cooler ground etc, buf the air mass and hunidity will make it feel exceptinal. But who knows these air temps never reached the uk so could be a big surprise next week. Its exciting
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