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  1. Massive difference in temperatures compared to last year this time round. Anyone got comparisons for one of coldest of last feb at same as this years mild weather. Remember the windchill feel was sub -10 and comapare it to mid teens and possibly warmer in south, that is a massive difference in temperature and feel :0
  2. Not my type of charts in the middle of febuary, but whatever your preference in february, the output is bonkers i cant get over the synoptics. Way above normal temps and little comparison to any very mild febs in the past which is even more unusual. Wonder what is in store for spring and summer
  3. Its a rare site about channel low bringing snow southern northern england indeed. Parts of manchester and leeds could do well if the 6z is to be believed for tuesday and definetly end of the week
  4. Anyone noticed the strong winds at the minute? It wasnt forecast to be this windy. Well at least where i am
  5. What a silly thing to say winter officially began just short of a month ago we arent even halfway through yet!
  6. When was this. I think minor changes in output will keep us in the cold air boundary. Similar to last winter when less cold weather occured
  7. Maybe @Glacier Point can shed some light on the current wobble today? Im remaining upbeat, the 12z gefs ensemble are still very much all over after 5 days and rogue runs running to -10 line. Met office 12z to me would need a few tweets to get a decent easterly flow and it hasnt been the best at times at 120 and 144 hours recently. And i know it sounds like scraping barrel but gem more or less gets there? ECM is soon eyes down.
  8. Omg..Just look at that massive lobe prime for europe and all the blocking on other side. Total opposite. Could be an incredible february..
  9. What i find even more interesting is the most intense lobe mean is slap bang over us giving us the best chance at something very significant. A lot of long range models and ec 46 have been showing a similar lobe over the uk. We must have the best chance of another 1947 surely. And whats more all the combinated background signals are not comparable with any other year. It really does make you wonder what the potential implifications it would have with everything in the right place...
  10. Im not saying SSW are a guarntee a path to cold for the UK in particular, my concern is how none of the models are showing hardly any impact to the polar vortex even into the future.
  11. Anyone looked at p5 on the ensembles, there may have been better ones, but the extremity is striking look at the lobe to the northeast and the potential. Not seen anything that cold, so close to are shores for a while:
  12. 6z and gefs 6z suite just wow. The pendulum is swinging isnt it ? If things are to go in are favour we could be already see easterly winds swinging in a matter of a week according the gefs suites. Whats interesting is the sudden turn arounds on things in short term. Reminds me of last winter. There is some bonkers reversal patterns showing in the 6z. Not many go full blown blocked, a few bring the cold soon and some later. But the 6z definetly show we are in with a chance of a quite severe cold spell along wth rest of europe. Here are some of the ensembles and just show possible lasting impacts of global weather patterns.
  13. Thank you. Its a shame really and always found her posts interesting and informative and non biased. @Bring Back1962-63 could you possibly link her post over to us? Thanks 🙂
  14. I would if i knew how to do it. Trust me i did try to find how to quote only a bit of the lengthy post
  15. Which post by tamara are you referring to? I cant see it. There a good read like many of you 🙂