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  1. If that is the case then do you think heavier stuff will just be delayed for some of us? I’m in Southend, only a moderate fall of snow pellets at the moment really. Hoping that into the evening it might get heavier, more persistent and bigger flakes.
  2. The build to the East of the system was exactly what we needed to bring us back into play. Now watch the Channel and Strait of Dover go off like a bomb and pep it up....
  3. We officially have a Thames Streamer. Essex Weather Centre refers to North Sea off Essex coast and Thames Estuary as having lit up and being snow machines. If winds stay favourable as expected this could cause rush hour disruption. MetO need to extend warning into London.
  4. Standing at Chalkwell station in Southend looking E and SE and can see there’s lots about but had more of a Northerly component so far so I’m watching the clouds pass me to my SE and head to Kent. Can actually see the snow falling on the other side of the Estuary from here. Hoping the wind direction shifts ASAP to send the train our way again and give us a pasting.
  5. Tell it to stay there mate. I’m just coming through Upminster, not far away now ❤️?
  6. Aw man so gutted, still at work in the City. Won't be getting off at Chalkwell til about 10, I'm missing it!
  7. I hope this continues through the evening. Still at work in London but should be making my way home on the train from Fenchurch Street to Chalkwell in about an hour.
  8. Holy Santa Claus sh*t I can’t believe how quickly and intensely these are popping up on the radar. I mean I had a feeling MetO and others were being conservative but these are starting to look pretty damn organised!
  9. I’m Southend and staying here as we’re likely to be more in-line with SE weather due to influence of the Thames Estuary.
  10. Indeed. Important thing to remember is the snow doesn’t exist yet. Those modelling supercomputers might be good, but you can’t expect the models not to struggle with precipitation which doesn’t exist yet.
  11. We’ve known that Sunday night into Monday morning was the arrival time for a good 4 or 5 days now.
  12. Could the front be pepped-up by the “flurries” moving in off the North Sea?
  13. Really came down here in Southend for about 20 mins, real heavy snow that settled very quickly. Makes you wonder what could have been if we’d had something more organised and persistent!
  14. That’ll be a nowcasting situation won’t it? Not easy to predict, even for high res computer models.
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