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  1. Showers clumping together between Scarborough and Brid at the moment
  2. are the winds turning more to an easterly? I can't tell if it's just my eyes deceiving me
  3. Showers have become very light again here, hopefully that'll change soon
  4. It's because the air is so cold and dry, making it powdery snow instead of wet
  5. Typical! It does look like the southern band of showers is slowly moving northwards, it's now over flamborough head
  6. Here's hoping to have something in the York region, we've really not had anything decent all winter
  7. Would much rather get a streamer effect like they did in the central belt of Scotland, they ended up with a red warning there
  8. in FL, but it's trying to throw up heights into the atlantic and up into the Greenland/Iceland area here
  9. It's too rounded and is pulling heights up into Iberia, need it to be more elongated
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