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  1. I wonder if the Met Office will give out a weather warning for this weekend? They seem quite inconsistent, as they’ve given out weather warnings in the past for things which had little to no effect on things.
  2. I think it’s more the fact that it’s something different as we’ve had relatively benign weather for what seems like weeks now. We’ve had a lot of ‘nothingness’ such as endless cloudy skies. I think from a weather enthusiasts’ perspective, it’s more about what the weather will deliver as opposed to weather it’ll be pleasant or not.
  3. After the rain has cleared, we now have mist and drizzle as the evening sets in.
  4. The most we’ve had is a few light showers or a bit of drizzle. Can’t remember the last time we’ve had a proper rain day. Just seems to be endless cloudy days mixed in with a bit of sunshine from time to time. High pressure can do one now. I’d gladly welcome the Atlantic in at this point.
  5. Personally I can’t wait for the ‘nothingness’ of still weather to go away. It seems absolutely ages since we’ve had some proper rain here too. Need some wind to blow away the cobwebs, too.
  6. It’s a shame we supposedly never seem to get a ‘middle ground’ with the weather. It’s either dull, grey and cold or excessively hot. Can’t remember the last time where it’s just been around 22 degrees.
  7. Can’t wait to go from a cool cloud fest to a warm and muggy cloud fest. Think some people in the MOD forum are getting a bit too overexcited as per usual
  8. I think I’d rather have the Atlantic barrelling over us rather than this ‘nothingness’. At least then we’d have a mix of sunshine and rain.
  9. A lot more cloud around today. Opposite to yesterday where it was most cloudy in the South, and clear skies here. Today, it’s the cloudiest around the Midlands, Wales and North East.
  10. Not a cloud in the sky with pure blue skies and 20 or so degrees here.
  11. Can’t believe how dull it’s been today. Thick white clouds but it seems a lot darker on the ground.
  12. I’ll be glad when summer is over to be honest. Not only has it been extremely sterile for the most part, but it’ll (hopefully) stop people from posting 10+ Day fl charts which rarely seem to materialise. Unpopular opinion but I’m looking forward to a good wind storm, to blow to cobwebs away.
  13. Not just limited to this thread but on other threads too - I’ve seen a few people post the weather conditions whilst posting from thousands of miles away from European countries. It’s nice to see you’re enjoying the weather, but what relevance does it have when posting in a British weather forum?
  14. Today is the first day I’ve felt genuinely cold whilst being outside. Summer seems a distant memory,
  15. Had a short but intense thunderstorm before this appeared
  16. No thanks. The heat and humidity we had was dreadful. I saw more people complaining it was too hot than actually being able to enjoy it. Clear weather at 20-25 degrees with a gentle breeze is perfect enough for me.
  17. I’d be interesting to see the rainfall accumulations for this month when comparing the North and Midlands to the South as we’ve hardly had any rain here it seems.
  18. Perfectly useable weather in these parts today - just over 20 degrees, with sunny intervals and a gentle breeze. Not sure why people would prefer 30 degrees with ridiculous humidity levels over this?
  19. Felt a lot cooler here today as we’ve had zero sun as a result of thick cloud being stubborn to clear. Plus there’s a bit of a breeze, too.
  20. So looking forward to the cooler weather. Especially at night when you can sleep a lot more comfortably.
  21. It doesn’t feel as hot or as humid as yesterday here. It doesn’t look very active on the radar either.
  22. Where did all these clouds come from? Was blue skies not too long ago.
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