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  1. Wow it’s quiet in here. No one interested about the high rainfall totals for Friday and Saturday?
  2. We aren’t expecting anything like the devastation the flooding caused in 2015 across West Yorkshire, are we?
  3. Is this enough to warrant any flood warnings? I haven’t seen any rainfall accumulation charts yet.
  4. A day of sunshine and showers with a fresh breeze. Lovely (as long as you don’t get caught out in a shower!) Much more bearable and enjoyable than muggy days and nights. That’s what summer is for
  5. Very autumnal here today. Initially a cloudy start with some light rain/drizzle, now into the afternoon we have more persistent rain with sudden bursts of heavy downpours.
  6. Awfully muggy and stuffy here today. Roll on the proper, crisp and cold autumnal days. Had enough of this mild nonsense now.
  7. Nothing *too* significant so far it seems in terms of disruption.
  8. ‘Calm before the storm’ is certainly appropriate for here right now. After a wet morning, it seems relatively calm now.
  9. Tomorrow’s. Wasn’t aware that there was another one on the way too? What’s that one looking like?
  10. What are the chances of this low pressure system being named by the Met Office? Seems like it will be more disruptive to the majority of the UK compared to Storm Ellen?
  11. Frequent heavy downpours here in Leicester. Nothing thundery however I’m surprised of its intensity as there’s been no sun at all here today. Full dull but something is fuelling them?
  12. Looks like low pressure is going to dominate early next week, moving up from the south. Whether it'll be of any interest is another question, although in the latest Met Office video they loosely used the term heavy and possibly thundery downpours.
  13. Can’t tell if it’s still moving NW or now directly W? Seems to me struggling to make it inroad to Leicester.
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