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  1. The precipitation that's currently in the SW of the country, is that of any interest for us tonight or will it just be bog standard rain?
  2. Regarding Monday night into Tuesday, what’s the potential looking like? I notice BBC’s interactive map show a band of precipitation moving north east over the early hours however there’s no graphics or anything in the text forecast to back this up?
  3. What’s it looking like for Central areas tomorrow? I know the MO have issued a weather warning for thunderstorms but will it be the classic ‘thundery rain’ embedded with any heavier rain or will there be a mix of sunshine and showers? Thanks.
  4. Poor picture but there was definitely some rotation to the bottom of this. Passed over me now.
  5. I don't mean to veer off topic but with the dam at risk of collapse in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, what’s the rainfall looking like in that area for the next couple of days?
  6. Very torrential rain here in Leicester. Its been raining non-stop all day, varying between heavy and light, but I'd love to see how much we've had in the last 24 hours. I wouldn't be surprised if it was near what the NW has had recently!
  7. I don’t think it’s the sun itself, but it’s the extreme temperatures and high humidity that people don’t like (myself included). If it was ‘normal’ temperatures, such as the low 20’s, you wouldn’t get half the amount of complaints It has however been particularly wet over the past 24 hours, especially in areas where the rain hasn’t stopped at all, such as here. Good for the vegetation and keeping any droughts from being a problem however!
  8. It’s been raining pretty much non stop since last night here. What’s unusual is that looking on the radar, the band of rain just keeps on growing and expanding right over Leicester?
  9. Is there any potential of seeing anything thundery next week? Looks like there will be a lot of showers, some possibly heavy, and sunny intervals in between.
  10. Just had some light rain here in Leicester. The first bit of precipitation we've had all day.
  11. Looks like a few showers are developing in the English Channel?
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