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  1. Think it’s a bust for anything today here in Leicester.
  2. When is this band of rain supposed to be moving north/north west? Still no closer here.
  3. I think it'll be at least a few hours until we see anything here in the Midlands. Seems to have not really travelled West but heading SW down the country.
  4. Heading a bit too much in a South Westerly direction for my liking. I fear the main band will miss the Midlands. Would prefer if it was East to West.
  5. Seems to be heading in a Northwesterly direction.
  6. Which direction is this precipitation heading in? Will it make it to the Midlands?
  7. The band of rain on the latest updates show it decaying into nothing. It’s not even managed to reach Leicester.
  8. Can’t belive we’ve missed it all day, just to the south of us here in Leicester.
  9. I don’t think I’ve seen thunderstorms being mentioned so much by the BBC before: Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday “Sunday will be very warm with sunny spells but also the chance of a heavy shower or thunderstorm. Monday will have sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud with a few showers or thunderstorms likely. Still very warm. Tuesday will see the warm spell continue. There will be some sunshine but again the chance of a heavy shower or thunderstorm forming later on.”
  10. What’s our chances looking like tonight/tomorrow morning for anything thundery or will it be another bust?
  11. What do you guys think about this? Thunderstorm activity has been next to nothing so far here in the East Midlands. I have yet to see my first proper thunderstorm for 2018.
  12. Same here in Leicester. Just on and off moderate rain, don't think we'll see anything unless something pops up tonight?v
  13. Hopefully it should be an interesting end to the day tomorrow for many of us in the Midlands.
  14. Been an absolutely miserable day today. Very breezy and dull with thick cloud all day, not one appearance of the sun. Drizzle has now arrived, which was not forecast according to the BBC. A high of 13 degrees.
  15. BBC East Midlands text forecast for tomorrow (Saturday): “Early patches of mist, fog and low cloud will clear to leave a much milder day with some sunshine at times. However, there will be the risk of the odd heavy shower or thunderstorm forming later on.“ First time this year I’ve seen thunderstorms being mentioned.