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  1. Same here in Leicester. Just on and off moderate rain, don't think we'll see anything unless something pops up tonight?v
  2. Hopefully it should be an interesting end to the day tomorrow for many of us in the Midlands.
  3. Been an absolutely miserable day today. Very breezy and dull with thick cloud all day, not one appearance of the sun. Drizzle has now arrived, which was not forecast according to the BBC. A high of 13 degrees.
  4. BBC East Midlands text forecast for tomorrow (Saturday): “Early patches of mist, fog and low cloud will clear to leave a much milder day with some sunshine at times. However, there will be the risk of the odd heavy shower or thunderstorm forming later on.“ First time this year I’ve seen thunderstorms being mentioned.
  5. I think it would help if the rest of the country had some warm weather. Here in the Midlands over the past week, all we’ve had is grey skies and drizzle, feeling cool. So certainly not feeling convective in this part of the country.
  6. Sorry for my noob knowledge but are these areas of rain any interest for us later on i.e any convective activity or just plain old rain?
  7. BBC text forecast for the region tomorrow; ‘Through the afternoon, bands of heavy and occasionally thundery showers will encroach from the southwest.’ Potentially our first risk of thunder for tomorrow?
  8. Doesn’t look too good for the East Midlands. Everything going SE>NW
  9. Light flurries here now.
  10. How’s that’s for luck...
  11. Sunday has a max day temperature of 1 degrees and rising to 9 degrees during the evening and night - so a snow/sleet to rain event here in Leicester. No thanks.
  12. BBC's weather forecast has updated (yet again) and is now showing snow for every day as well as lower temperatures I will, however, take this with a pinch of salt.