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  1. Nothing here wasn't expecting anything just saw a snow icon on BBC app.. Come to think of it that definatley means it won't. We are under it on the radar but nothing falling. Radar has been abit dodgy lately. Edit I just animated the radar wow been under dark blues for a while now passed, not even seen a flake.. weird.
  2. Yes weird isn't it had the edge of a yellow one hit me like 40min ago and it was just small flakes.
  3. There is some out in the North sea coming our way not alot but hopefully feed these showers all night. Least it's something to watch.
  4. Some may have a few supprises tonight as the showers are blowing in from the NE they seem to be picking up intensity now. A weird one because watching this morning the were dying out very fast
  5. Yes would not say we have done particularly well out of this. Last night we copped that shower. The melt is strange for sure.
  6. Around 10.30pm we had a shower. Just a very slight dusting. Very much welcome to be cold and just about white. Before that we have managed to avoid the good stuff. Would be nice to have a dumping that stuck around for days nice and cold and Icy. On another note the flooding in my garden is getting really frozen can almost walk on it now.!! Belper is usually a great spot too, So unlucky to not get any. I used to do alot of work up there every winter It seemed would always get a dumping them would drive back down the a38 to snowless Burton. .
  7. Yes did a screenshot earlier showing me in the middle of a snowless part.. When I went back to watch the animation the showers intensified out of nowhere around derby and uttoxeter.
  8. Oh no.. It's awful when you can see it out the window.. The streamer the other day I could see out the window of my house going past all day
  9. Haha check this out.. story of this cold spell.. I don't know how we get so unlucky here. Even funnier if you watch the animation showers literally appear all around us... Getting the top little bit now. Enjoy the cold over next couple days ppl.
  10. Guessing that's it for winter. I do love cold and Ice days. Snow has been pathetic from the east had a dusting last night at last and It has made everything white. So hopefully that will stick around until sat. We had one decent snow event here from the northerly. Unfortunately those setups that are good for my area for snow amounts are not cold enough for it to stick around. So you win and lose.. Much better overall than last winter so can't complain. Hopefully next year we get those amazing charts we had at the turn of the year actually come off at the end of December start of Jan.. A real cold winter for a couple of months just once a decade would be nice. Rather than cold spells that last a week. Anyway must go delivering it is nice being out and about in the cold. Have a good day all.
  11. What's going on this weekend then? Is it the end of the cold for this winter after this week? Looking ahead on forecasts looks mild going forward after Saturday.
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