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  1. Showing snow for you now? Still well off for where I am it has changed first rain icon to sleet now this morning but still says temp updated for my location now is 0c... When my themometer says minus 3.2 it is rising though it was minus 3.7 about 20mins ago By the time the front pushes in they may well be right.
  2. -3.2 here dew points really cold. Might get some of the white stuff before rain. The beeb has our low as 0.c pretty off with that one.
  3. Looking at the radar not much of it turning to snow. Slush then rain incoming.
  4. -0.5 here it was minus 2.1 an hour ago Dp -2.9 wetbulb -1.3 A guy has a weatherstation just down the road from me in stanton. From his feed. Chilly. Managed to get some work done too so not been too bad nice to be out in the cold actually. -0.4 now climbing steady warmest its been all day
  5. Van is defrosted and about to head out to work, I don't hold out much hope as still -5.9 here so I think maybe 5mins of work before my whole water system freezes up.
  6. Lol only -8.6 here looks like Il be cleaning plenty of windows today. 2 days in row VID-20171212-WA0000.mp4
  7. I have had snow appear on the bbc forecast for me at 7pm tomorrow night only for an hour though. Before heavy rain.
  8. Gonna be pretty cold when that rain pushes in. Will be interesting looking at the 18z
  9. Ukweathercams.co.uk Has a map. Some are dark some offline but you might find a couple on there.
  10. Yes noticed this earlier when it was over Ireland. Perked me up abit. Think the meto was right to stick to their guns. Good for them, see you guys later.
  11. Well my bbc forecast has been upgraded now not that that means anything. so maybe there's hope for a decent amount of snow and not the doom of goom of earlier.. Im not awake because im ill or can't sleep. I have just been drinking whiskey and watching universal solider... (classic) Anywayin bed now hope we all see abit tomorrow well today. Good luck you guys.
  12. Seems to be going the way of the 18z http://uksnowmap.com I keep a check on this for snow reports Pretty good for that