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  1. Too wet where I am. the main ppn has past almost will see
  2. Haha yes.. The same Dark clouds out the back clear and cloudy out the front. We do tend to be in some sort of snowless corridor when it comes to these events.. Looking at that bit coming stoke way on the radar whats the betting it clipps us to the north.
  3. Wonder if a cheshire gap streamer will set up
  4. Snowing here has been for abit. not sure how long it will last. Nice to see a flake
  5. Heavy rain here it's just too warm 4.2c Dp 0c I will keep watching radar as this is the best we have had so far cold rain? flooding round here fed up with it. Most likely just rain for here tonight.
  6. All those amazing charts being discussed in the model thread about snowfall. Obviously a way out still funny though I'm sat in the snowless part in the middle.. Haha Will see how these charts develop alot are getting carried away in there.
  7. Horrible weather at the moment if your a window cleaner ?
  8. Every bit of snow gone from mine none friday now at all light cloud. Think apps are useless will just check radar.
  9. Well the channel seems to be feeding the front. Those lucky guys going to have it for hours. seems to have built in intensity. I'm not jealous at all.?
  10. Lucky guys down there Its been stalled for ages.
  11. I think we are doing OK. We should be happy there is a chance at all. With the downgrades we have had, any is a bonus. Yes not loads but a dusting is fine for me as had nothing Tuesday. Winter is not over yet. If you expect nothing then watching is more bareable. Willing anything to make it. Stay positive people.
  12. Yes looks like it will head east along the south. Might catch the very top edge. Here's hoping for it to push abit more north before it does.
  13. Looks ok on the radar. pretty high over Ireland. ppn won't be great if it gets across. low of -7.8 last night ?
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