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  1. Story of the week been like this for an hour now its a complete joke.
  2. I'm moving to Scotland.
  3. Haha this is just damn pathetic its doing a V around me and changing to very light stuff. I give up.
  4. This will finally make it here but this screenshot sums up the week so far.
  5. Same Every event every day been on the very edge or in the light stuff. Rubbish this week has been so far. The Northerly showers in December we're better.
  6. Exactly peoples disappointment stems from the fact that some have had hardly anything. Where others have been spoilt and the difference has been a couple of miles. Or constantly being on the edge of every snow event all week. That's why some are dissapointed
  7. We still have had barely anything all week in burton bar that dust yesterday. Stuff Leicester.
  8. Absolute toss all here like usual. Burton
  9. Pathetic light stuff has stopped now in burton and the heavy green blob is going to miss and get stoke. Lol
  10. Pathetic light stuff just started here.
  11. Looks like around 6pm for me on gfs then it does hang around into saturday. But these gfs snow charts are rubbish..
  12. Mean't to be heavy showers here then snow from 2pm onwards. Will keep any eye on radar.
  13. Just can't see where this snow is going to come from yet.
  14. Yeah the radar is showing nothing coming up to where I am. Well nothing like the met and beeb are predicting for the early hours. Pretty disappointing. All in all yes that fine dust blown on the wind was cool to watch but give me big flakes and a blizzard anyday.