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  1. Sperrin speak for yourself we had poo up on North coast - I want buried lol lol. Or even a decent covering lol
  2. Weegaz-still gonna be poor night overall
  3. Rochey fingers crossed for u
  4. Light flurries in Coleraine
  5. Pretty much all gone on the ground now with me still on roofs etc but still snowing just very light now
  6. Rochey on trampoline watch hope u got her well pegged in
  7. Deffo getting lighter now here n what has fallen is starting to fade
  8. Hope winds not too bad n hope you get some white stuff mate
  9. Just wish I could post pictures but every time I try it comes up with an error message
  10. Nq I'm at best 5ASL town centre of Coleraine
  11. Huge flakes here 5mins from nowt to white let's just keep er lit
  12. Here here Ronan proper stuff at last