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  1. A newbie question in regard to the SSW winter 2018/19. When was it picked up that this would occur, and would we be likely to see again this year or is it more of a rarity?.
  2. @kold weather I am truly sorry you are not seeing any snow, but I really would like to thank you for all of your hard work in decipher the models and continually updating us, all free of charge...thanks....
  3. Is North Kent / Swale area due to get anything or am i correct in saying we are perhaps to far north and east?
  4. Sittingbourne - Been snowing for an hour in Sittingbourne, yet the radar shows it should have all cleared about 20 mins ago?? Sky is grey and looks full of snow!
  5. Meto warning just updated to Amber from 00:30 till 10am. Is there something out there that isn’t visible on the radar or is it due to the wind shift??
  6. Is Sittingbourne in line for anything and what’s the views on Friday/Saturday is it still ran and warm?
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