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  1. The joys of a spell 'working from home' allowed me to sample some proper snow down in the Badlands of the Ayrshire/Lanarkshire border (Glenbuck) today. The sprinkling at home melted when the sun appeared, and I'm expecting mainly rain and sleet tomorrow, although places with altitude should get a pasting!
  2. Yip. Spotted a few flakes blowing in the wind as the very edge of the last band came through - may be luckier with the next band? These Ayrshire coastal folk, hogging all the snaw as usual!
  3. Just drove from the West End of Glasgow out to Motherwell with light dandruff-like snow failing to lie. Don’t think this is going to be the snowfall of the decade as the band of slightly heavier stuff looks quite narrow. Still think there might be something more substantial to come some time over the next couple of weeks though.
  4. I do believe I’m in the other central belt green patch there! There must be a big hill to the north-west sheltering this place that I’ve never noticed before Maybe the old bing in Bellshill...
  5. It’s apparently a weather station housing radar equipment, having been relocated there about 10 years ago when they built a wind farm on the site of the old weather station.
  6. Managed to sneak out for a Friday walk in the Campsies today. Was milder than expected but enough snow to feel pleasingly wintry - mighty drifts up to calf height! Hopefully the radar station in the pics will be detecting at least some snow this week. I look forward to seeing pics/reports on here but am expecting light snow at best from Tuesday’s front and possibly rain/sleet on Thursday at this low attitude. Still plenty of time though - you won’t get any winter’s over chat from me!
  7. I see the Aviemore sled dog event is on this weekend. A pity it wasn't last weekend as it looks like it will be on wheels rather than proper sleds
  8. Well, that was better than expected in these parts today!
  9. Similar here - filling in the gaps, albeit temporarily.
  10. Too early to say really, though certainly more promising than last year. A big factor is whether there is a cold and snowy spring with snow continuing to accumulate, or a warmer spring with prolonged melting starting early. From what I can tell, (not really having been in the Highlands much this winter) there have been some quite heavy falls, but nothing exceptional, although the recent snowfall on westerly winds will have helped redistribute snow into the east-facing hollows and gullies which often retain snow longest. There haven’t really been many of the big winter storms with copious rain at low levels but large quantities of heavily drifting snow at altitude yet so far this winter - these are often more effective at building up snow at altitude than colder set-ups. Freeze-thaw cycles also help snow retention in the long run too as re-frozen snow is more resilient. The freezing levels have obviously been low recently - not sure yet whether the expected milder period next week will deliver freeze-thaw cycles (hopefully) rather than an extended period of thawing.
  11. A bit snowier looking than half an hour ago but the band of ppn. seems to be sinking south? Seems determined to give the M74 corridor through South Lanarkshire down towards Moffat another pasting!
  12. Coming down thick and fast now after a bit of a gap in the snow ‘blob’. Still very lean looking compared to photos of higher altitude and more rural locations, but all surfaces now have snow cover again.
  13. Starting to lie slightly, filling in the bare patches
  14. Coming down pretty heavily now but not really lying at the moment - is quite wet and sleety so far. Having thought I had the towering altitude of 80m asl it turns out to be barely 60m asl!
  15. Yes, just melting into the ground though. Seems that bit milder than Tuesday. Decided yesterday just to stay put at home today on the strength of the forecast/warning - wonder if the heavier stuff lurking out west will justify it?