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  1. Blimey, this has kept me awake all night so far! The monsoon rains have now arrived to join the thunder and incessant lightning flashes. First really big clap of thunder just there.
  2. Through here, its just a bit like a camera flash Is going off occasionally at some vague point in the distance 😁 Sounds pretty full-on through in the east.
  3. Quite frequent flashes in the sky 5 or 10 minutes ago - seems to have died down, for now.
  4. Hello everyone, haven’t been here for a while! Hope everyone is doing OK in these strange times. Some ominous rumbling sounds on the outskirts of Glasgow at the moment - could be in for a deluge.
  5. The ever-reliable Leadhills cam is showing snow again.
  6. The SAIS (Avalanche Info Service) blogs are a good source of snow pics and information about snow conditions. SAIS Glencoe Blog » A fine day in Glen Coe GLENCOEBLOG.SAIS.GOV.UK Some crackers posted this week, including this view north from the Glencoe Ski Centre towards Ben Nevis Unfortunately yesterday was, and today will be, extremely soggy with a lot of thawing lower down, but back to blizzard conditions tomorrow in many areas!
  7. A busy few days for mountain rescue teams - in the Southern Uplands they were rescuing vehicles from snow in the Dalveen Pass, right in the heart of the amber warning area. Motorists stranded in heavy snow thank rescuers WWW.BBC.CO.UK They were among 12 people helped to safety by a mountain rescue team after their vehicles became stuck.
  8. Finally managed out of doors this afternoon but didn't want to chance the Leadhills or Wanlockhead areas given the reports of vehicles stuck on the Dalveen Pass and deep snow. Had a wander around the Strathaven area, where there was a lot of melting and running water! Things were starting to look pretty green, particularly on south-facing areas . Later on, a heavy snow shower came on and things looked a bit more wintry. Just a wee bit short of the depths of snow found in Highland Perthshire and Braemar, mind you...
  9. I think it’s the temperature as read by a thermometer with wet cloth wrapped on the bulb, and it therefore indicates the lowest temperature the air at any given time can potentially reach through evaporative cooling. But someone who really knows what they are talking about can correct or confirm this!
  10. Looks like a nice day for the beach at Loch Morlich.
  11. Another deluge of hail swirling around in the wind here in the Lanarkshire lowlands. It’s the only thing that’s properly turned the ground white, despite heavy snow showers on and off all day. I expect it will disappear again once the sun re-appears.
  12. Thunder, lightning and a torrential deluge of hail a few minutes ago. There's a thin covering of white stuff but I think it might just be hail!
  13. A few photos from this afternoon, taken at Glengavel, above Strathaven, just over 250 metres above sea-level. I wasn't able to get out until mid-afternoon, so thawing on the lower ground was well-advanced by the time, but there was plenty of wet snow around higher up. Felt pretty raw as there were showers of icy rain, sleet and one heavy burst of wet snow in the hour or so I spent there.
  14. And people said I was wasting my time when I carried out these modifications to my old Fiat!...
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