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  1. Spindrift2017

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Same here - plenty of good old-fashioned cold Scottish rain lashing doon tonight - hopefully the hills north of the central belt will get a good snow top-up tonight and tomorrow morning. Last few Lanarkshire snow snaps for now - taken on Saturday.
  2. Spindrift2017

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    A nice wee surprise covering from that heavy shower that somehow sneaked through the gap between the hills (a Tay-Clyde streamer?!). Just battled through drifts of up to a centimetre between Motherwell, Bellshill and Uddingston😀
  3. Spindrift2017

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Yeah, plenty of frost and blue sky today here after some quite dense freezing fog had cleared. I don’t mind the lack of snow much (honest!) I took some snaps at Strathclyde Park this lunchtime of rime on the trees. Lots of greylag geese pecking at the frozen ground!
  4. Spindrift2017

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Not in the same scenic league as Glencoe, but it turned out quite nice down by the Crawick Water on the Lanarkshire-Dumfriesshire ‘border’ yesterday - snowy Wednesday afternoon walks two weeks in a row! Started off in a snow flurry but soon brightened up.
  5. Spindrift2017

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Not that it stops it from being a stunning image, but it’s actually Lake Michigan in the foreground (a freshwater lake the size of Wales!) Weather in the American Midwest can be pretty extreme. The polar air can travel down there across thousands of miles of land without warming up the way it does when it crosses the open sea. The Great Lakes produce lake effect snow by convection in the same way that the North Sea (occasionally) does for us during an easterly. Some of the temperature swings can be pretty crazy as warm air from the Gulf of Mexico can make its way northwards. St. Louis, Missouri is forecast to have a temperature swing from -17C now to +16C by Monday!
  6. Spindrift2017

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    The difference between here and where you are never fails to amaze! We got a slight covering from a heavy shower this morning which disappeared during the day. All the shower activity this evening is either sinking down into Ayrshire or dumping most of the snow over Argyll and fizzling out as it approaches the Glasgow area.
  7. Spindrift2017

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    No great depth of snow in rural South Lanarkshire, but had a nice crisp walk around the Douglas area this afternoon - temperature was still about -2C at noon and I don’t think it got above freezing. This was the scene just a few miles up the road on Saturday, so today was a joy by comparison!
  8. Spindrift2017

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Talking of Airdrie, here’s a photo from ‘87 of some hefty snow piles at Monklands Hospital (not my photo - I was not quite 7 years old at the time!)
  9. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain here now.
  10. Some spell of weather over the last few weeks, eh? Particularly in the west. In the absence of any profound meteorological observations to share, I thought I’d share a few photos taken out and about during late April and May (the first one being near Scotland’s snow capital - Crail 😀). Will maybe manage some higher hills during the summer, depending on the weather! Old track, Balcomie, near Crail Old drove road near Broughton Mennock Pass South Queich, Ochil Hills (Lomond Hills in the distance). Old drove road near Skirling Friesian cattle below Loudoun Hill, Ayrshire
  11. A covering now at Leadhills as the band of precipitation moves very very slowly across SW Scotland.
  12. Plenty of years I’d have been looking forward to a prospective Easter snowfall due to lack of lowland snowfall during the winter months, but this year I’m not so sure! Very pleasant day near Lanark today with birds chirping and a brown hare lolloping along the margins of a field - felt like Spring had arrived!
  13. A nice day for a walk in the Pentland Hills yesterday, with still quite a lot of snow around. Today, not quite so nice!...
  14. I think there may well be snow patches surviving longer than usual on west-facing aspects this year, given that some areas such as the Cairngorms seem to have had blizzard conditions on generally easterly winds for about a week now, and there was heavy snow from the north-east winds in December. Before I started properly paying attention to mountain weather, I assumed that easterly winds filled the windward east-facing aspects of the hills, whereas they actually drive huge quantities of snow across plateaux and summits into gullies and corries on the lee slopes, and don’t fill the windward areas to the same extent. Of course, southerly and westerly aspects lose snow more quickly than east and north-facing aspects, and the main long-lying and ‘perennial’ snow sites are on the latter. Given the relative lack this winter of big westerly/south-westerly storms with rain at low levels, but copious quantities of snow at high altitude, it will be interesting to see how the usual long-lying snow sites fare. For the reasons you give, there should be interest long into the back end of the year, though.
  15. Snow is on the way out here, after sleet, rain and temperatures soaring to 2C, with a distinct sense of things returning to normal. Have mixed feelings - sad to see things back to looking a bit dreich and mundane but no doubt there are lots of people in rural parts who would be glad to get back to normal. Some sunshine would be nice now, but it looks in short supply this week.