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  1. Wow if that came off the midlands would be buried
  2. 10cms of fresh snow fell over night in coventry but compared to the last 3 snow events where we had 15cms...snow is not as deep as the wind has caused drifiting!
  3. Heavy stuff coming down in coventry now...side roads are atrocious even the main roads are becommig dangerous
  4. Still snowing in coventry moderate to heavy snow fot the last 4-5 hours looks as though a good 3-5 cms of snow covering..what a amazing winter this has been lost count of how many snow events have hit coventry normally we miss out all together
  5. Beast from the east part 2?? 15cms dropped by the beast last time here im coventry can it be bettered??
  6. This winter has been truely epic snow is hammering down for the last 45mins easy 2cms have fallen roads are coverd instantly. Amazing
  7. Absloute blizzars here in coventey heavy heavy snowfall omgg
  8. Looking at the forecast tonight shows a spell of snow in coventry before turning to rain early tommorrow morning..wouldnt mind that and not being greedy only had 15cms yesterday ?
  9. Oh ok Yeah we had a covering from yesterdays snow and boy have we been topped up!!
  10. Are you around Nuneaton?? Did you measure the snow we have had over 10cms now which rare for us as we had 15cms in December
  11. Still snowing in coventry into our 9hrs of continuous snow never in my lifetime have i seen this much snow pile up. And to think last night i was distraught thinking we would miss out. This winter will live long in the memory!
  12. Not that i'm bothered but we have had plenty of snow here and its still falling but the met off app is showing.clear skies for coventry at the moment ??? no wonder the beeb told them to do one
  13. Still snowing in coventry now really drifiting in the wind but its ok met office only 10 plus cms has fallen no need for a amber warning
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