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  1. Yh just looked at the 6z and wow that would bring alot of snow around Easter. Only 10 days to go so it's nailed on lol. But in all honesty I think we are in a period where luck is on our side. Im dreaming of a White Easter lol.
  2. Moderate snow here now can't belive the system made it here well spotted guys. Met and BBC were wrong again.
  3. Can't see that front making it to far North. Look dry with the odd flake blowing in the wind reminding us of the Great Winter/spring we have had.
  4. BBC and Met are complete opposite looking at the Radar I would say the Met are going to be right with a cold dry day with sunny periods. Rapid thaw now but still 4th major fall of snow so can't complain.
  5. Coming to an end now here. Mini Beast certainly packed a punch. Looks dry rest of the day.
  6. Try shrinking the image, and Yh it's pretty special estimate about 10cm here with big drifts in places. Really coming down heavy now. Very suprised by how much the whole Midlands has got.
  7. This for me is on a par with the 1st March snow event been snowing heavy since 2 here and radar looks good for a few hours yet of heavy snow. We really have hit the Jackpot this winter/spring. I hope people get out to the nearest park, hill to enjoy it.
  8. I would say about 7 to 8cm has fallen here and still very heavy snow falling. Forecast to carry on to around 9am.
  9. Had stopped but now can confirm it's absolutely lashing Down now
  10. Seems like all the Midlands have done well. After the many years of near misses. We have deserved this winter it's been a Snow lovers Dream.
  11. Heavy snow heading for the Black country very soon. Already a few centimetre has fallen here. Met says snow until 9am tomoz.
  12. Bit of a blizzard here for past 10 mins snow starting to accumulate nicely now. Looks good for later also.
  13. Dry spell here at present then according to Met says heavy snow at 8 we shall see. Already a decent covering. Tomorrow looking mainly dry and bitterly cold.
  14. Snow starting to settle very heavy now and even the roads are now covered.
  15. Seems like more organised stuff later but these showers have been fun. Moderate snow here the past hour grass and pavements covered.
  16. Wow that's what you call alot of showers. Cheers for info.
  17. Agreed later tonight the warnings come in to force. Either way good or bad it's been a great winter.
  18. Anything falling now the sun will just melt it straight after but prolonged snow looks good for tonight.
  19. Very heavy snow falling here settling nice with huge flakes.
  20. Just light snow forecast here tomorrow morning. As the saying goes we are the meat between the sandwich. North and South looks like getting plastered why we get a sprinkling. Still time for changes as the beginning of March demonstrated.
  21. Looks like we will get a decent covering from the showers on Saturday but be to far North on Sunday. Some areas could do ok Stoke look to be in the perfect position and maybe the south Mids depending on the progress North of that front. Amazing no short term PPN model agree with eachother. Has me down for 2 to 3cm I would take that as bonus snow after a great winter. Good luck all again. Expect surprises.
  22. More snow only light at present just adding to what's already down. Shame the rain is fast approaching. RIP Winter 2017/2018 You will live long in the memory.
  23. Morning all. Great night wasn't it for most about 15cm fell here. Villa game off though is the pay back. So off to Lickey hills for some fun with the kids. Can only imagine some of the drifts up there even in Oldbury there is 3 to 4 foot drifts. Winter from the past we have expierenced so far. Also Met and BBC have another 8 hours of snow tonight but maybe turning to rain Sunday morning. Have a great day people get out there and enjoy it.
  24. That streamer coming all the way from Holland is impressive if it keeps its intensity could give east Mids a few cms.
  25. Heavy Shower imminent looking at the radar for Black country and Bham.
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