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  1. You can no longer say your jinxed lol. Here we have bright sunshine not a flake in sight.
  2. Few flakes mixing in and the almighty met app says snow at 6 until 10. Ermmm no chance. Turned to snow but after hours of rain and sleet it's pointless.
  3. Woke up for a glance. Sleet now back to sleep. Disappointing Winter continues
  4. With all the technology they still cant nail down the snow line. Just so many factors to take into account. Like you said it knife edge big time.
  5. Is it my eyes or is the system way bigger than predicted are the showers from the north joining the party and maybe that's what's mixing the uppers.
  6. Mate I want to be positive but been here so many times last 2 years it will be sleet at best. Tonight's charts confirm this. Take my advice get a good night's sleep lol.
  7. As a Birmingham fan you have to think positive lol.
  8. Yep system is about 20 miles North than predicted. But cold air is mixed and not as south as predicted. So who knows what the hell will happen I think it will be sleet for my area. We cant get a break lol.
  9. Right calling all Midlanders it's time for desperate measures. Get outside get your compass and blow North.with a collective effort we can huff and puff and blow that snow North lol. ???
  10. Strange as the low is clearly more South maybe theres more cold air mixed in. We straw clutching though. But just a smidge North and the Midlands gets buried.
  11. Hat trick gfs is further south with low system by about 50 miles or so. Midlands looks like cold rain maybe a bit of sleet in the early hours. When will I learn that it always goes tits up.
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