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  1. Moderate snow here this is a surprise.
  2. PV has booked a holiday for March the SSW completely destroys it. Well out in FI but I don't think March is going to be very Spring like.
  3. That is true and surely even the UK can't mess up a major SSW attack to give us more Snow chances for the end of Feb. But today looks a bust. Although the radar showed some snow in Ireland that wasn't forecast.
  4. Can't see it if anything the beep are more convinced of all rain this morning. Such a shame because this would have been heavy snow. Seems the cold uppers will arive to late hope they are wrong though. But the rain bashing of my window unfortunately says this time they are right.
  5. Think the peaks might do well but tomorrow for snow hopes looks like a non starter. Temps and dp to warm and show Rain, all models pretty much show Rain, Met and beep show Rain. So the Towell has been thrown into the ring we lucked out this time but still a great Winter overall.
  6. Latest beep update is not good and I think puts the final nail in the coffin for snow tomorrow. We might even struggle for sleet lol.
  7. It's the hope that kills you lol. But still good to see other models backing the gfs now. Beep and Met still having none of it though. I think this will come down to the wire. Cheers for update.
  8. Yh beep and Met both say sleet early morning and afternoon turning to rain by evening. Gfs chart is the only hope but i think the other high res charts have been way better this winter so not expecting much tomorrow other than sleet here.
  9. Dusting here also but later looks better for some showers. Tuesday slight upgrade but still marginal now at 15 days of falling snow not bad.
  10. Villlllla. Nice little snow shower here earlier now crisp blue skies later I think will give a covering.
  11. Light snow falling here.
  12. Dosent look good for the Midlands today showers are dying out. Tuesday is on a knife edge and most likely a bit of back edge snow after getting soaked. Let's hope Villa beat Bham then it will still be a gd day lol.
  13. Yep streamer after streamer setting up. Some places in the sweet spot could do well. Also No marginality at all.
  14. Moderate snow again here. Earlier snow melted in strong sun but still that's 13 days total of snow falling.
  15. Eased of now but what a shower that was. Radar shows plenty more lining up for the West Mids.