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  1. Some lovely pictures on this thread. I'm green with envy. Still snow free here in East Lincolnshire, other than one flurry at Christmas and a dusting weds into Thurs. However, I'm optimistic for the next few weeks. So much so that made decision to replace my long dead cheapo Maplin weather station. Looked at some advice on here and got a reasonably priced one from weather spares. For what it cost is great. So thanks to those who posted advice. Only been running since Weds but although this spell has been poor snow wise has been cold (certainly since local records resumed). Average te
  2. Happy and healthy new year to all. Very dodgy out and about here first thing. Have a properly non flat concrete path in back garden and a bit of rain on cold surface made it like an ice rink. Out with the dog at 08:00 and gnats whisker from being on my a**e. Hope that the uppers and dew points get a few degrees colder and that pesky North Sea keeps cooling so we might get the right side of marginal sometime over the next couple of weeks. Also hope you all get to see some snow at some point.
  3. Thank you very much. Hopefully will be a quiet couple of days. Works in theatres and pubs being shut and not a lot of travel might mean there are fewer emergencies than normal. Our snow shower was only light but at least it happened. Lots of showers yesterday but all rain or hail. Was there any lying snow on the wolds? Merry Christmas to you
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone. Have watched this forum for maybe 15 years but my met knowledge not up to posting. I want to thank you all for the information, analysis and banter. Hope this evolving situation delivers something for all of us over next few weeks. Thanks again and please keep up the entertainment
  5. Merry Christmas to all. Just had falling snow in Lincolnshire. 5 miles from the coast and at the vertigo inducing elevation of 30 feet AMSL. Child of the 70s and I think this only third Christmas with falling snow. Had one stonker growing up in Louth must have been late 70s or early 80s. Hope we all get something notable in the next couple of weeks. Off with the kids until 4th Jan so a chance before then. My wife working at Grimsby hospital this pm and tomorrow so best wishes to all the key workers. After that we have a week off together. Let it snow and not just off shore
  6. Been snowing moderately for quite a while now. Radar looks fairly well loaded as well. Just been out for a walk and is extremely cold in the wind. Hard to tell how much snow there has been as being blown off any exposed surfaces.
  7. Same in Lincs. Just stopped snowing and radar clear for a while. Definately the most snow here since early 2013 and may even top that. Really blowing around though. It is about -3 to -4 so bloody cold but not like at TEITS' house. That is just a bonkers temperature
  8. Snowing hard in Manby now. Blowing around quite a lot as well. Hard to tell about totals because getting blown off exposed surfaces. Probably 4 to 5 inches though with power to add. New snow on what was packed snow and ice at 9pm last night so some roads not going to be good. Not really sure why the Amber does not extend all the way up the Lincs coast given what it is like here and at the radar
  9. We had a really good thin but long shower here from about 3:30pm. Aligned perfectly for Manby and we had reasonably heavy snow for nearly an hour. About five other decent showers since lunchtime but was melting in the sun. After the last one have 2 to 3 inches where has been in the shade all day. Had a great snowball fight with kids so all fairly happy. Has somewhat restored my faith in the beast and hope decent prospect of more significant snow in the next 24 to 36 hours. Then see what the weekend brings
  10. First fairly heavy snow shower here (5 miles from Kings coast). Started at about 6 am ust as was going out with the dog. Very quickly a dusting to light covering. Snow blowing around straight away. Definitely no marginality today. Wow it is cold in that wind
  11. Next week is looking potentially extreme. Models strongly supporting the beast again this morning. I'm struffling to remember a met office online 10 day video forecast quite so bullish. For me I think I now have a couple of jobs for the weekend. First one is to go up in loft and duct tape a few holes and areas where the roofing fealt has slipped in our east facing roof. I am confident there will be snow at some stage , it will be dry and powdery and it will probably be driven under the tiles. Had a similar situation years ago at another house and was oblivious until water started comin
  12. Been snowing on and off for a good couple of hours. This is with a north westerly, polar maritime air, uppers cold at -7 or -8 but having passed over the north Atlantic. On Sunday to Monday we had a north easterly, uppers colder at -10 to -11 and air only having passed over the north sea from a cold Scandinavia but we only got rain and a bit of sleet/hail. I am really confused.
  13. Rain showers (a bit lumpy at times) so far at Manby (half way between Louth and the sea). Maybe more chance of snow tonight
  14. In my part of Lincolnshire we have 850s of about -9, a north easterly and it is early Feb. Just been out with the dog and whilst cold in the wind there is not even a ground frost. Looks like we will have 850 of -11 early hours of Monday and again air temperatures above freezing. At the time of year when the sea should not be modifying the temps too much it is somewhat disappointing and worrying for winterery weather prospects that not freezing through the nights. Whilst we might get some sleet/snow showers not hopeful of anything that will bring much of an accumulation or stick around for ver
  15. We have a covering of snow this morning. Was snowing at 22:00 but light and not settling. Must have had at least one hefty shower over night. Not bad I suppose at sea level for near the Lincolnshire coast given that only slightly north of a westerly and uppers generally no colder than -6.
  16. Quite heavy now in Manby. But unfortunately it is just slightly sticky rain. Curse you warm North Sea and our full nine metres of elevation.
  17. Cheers. Yes we never know. Is getting a bit heavier here but also a bit warmer.
  18. Hi Just Before Dawn. Same for me. Good number of heavy showers and about 5 cm of snow here last day of Nov. Drove from Louth to Skeg for work that day very pretty and good fun. Ludford seems to be the place to be though as went there for work on morning of the 1st and there was quite a lot of snow there then. Whilst I am happy for everyone else bit disappointing. With it being Sunday I would have been able to take kids n sledges to Hubbard's Hills in Louth. That being an opportunity I never missed when I was growing up.
  19. Very light flurry here after a hard frost. Very still. We are just too far north. Maybe a couple of hours with lightish snow to come. Good to see that many in central and south midlands are going to have a memorabe day.
  20. Just joined after watching forums for years. Only second decent November snowfall I can remember last week. We live on Lincs Marsh about halfway between Louth and the coast. Other one was 2010 which was really something else. Anyway first time for my lad to be old enough to realise what fun snow can be, there was enough to build a snowman and we had a great snowball fight (he is seven and and the last few winters a big disappointment). We nearly got as much snow as the warning was threatening for the wolds. Forums and models very intersting at moment but looks like the initial blast will
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