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  1. Turned to snow in Halesowen, slushy covering on cars
  2. Someone in the northwest thread just said the winds are starting to move to a more NW flow, just as showers are pepping up behind, could make for an interesting rush hour in parts
  3. Incredibly dark outside the office window to the north in Brierley Hill now
  4. Reports of lots of roads closed around selly oak and Harborne, and some problems on the m5 with flooding
  5. Wow, been constant rumbling here for the last hour and a half, rain eased off now, but constant rumble still on the go. There was a clap about 7 this morning that shook the house! Impressive stuff, what a year 2018 has become, this will be in memory for a long time
  6. Coming down here and covering readily, Road also covered now
  7. I declare winter 2017 a success ? 2 snow events which have caused mayhem, if it’s all melted by the morning I don’t care now
  8. That’s what I’ve done too ? though am beginning to get worried about the walk home!
  9. I’m stourbridge now and coming down a treat, largest flakes we have seen this week, though still quite small, still quite a bit of lying snow from yesterday
  10. I thought he meant that the snow would be for south of Birmingham again?
  11. Just as a reminder, the apps are not manned by humans, they just give and indication based on the models, which if you’ve looked you’ll know have great difficulty in predicting snow
  12. I live just by Drew’s Holloway, I’m going nowhere tomorrow regardless of what falls overnight, it’s lethal as it is!
  13. Just been sent that from someone in Wollescote, we ain’t going anywhere in the morning!
  14. I’m only in Halesowen, it may not be giving snow depth, but it’s sure causing major problems, my street is now blocked and Stourbridge road is stationary in both directions
  15. When the wind drops I can see it’s now ‘proper’ snow, rather than the funny stuff that has been raining down all afternoon, it’s prope flakes, goodness knows what we will wake up to, it’s like the day after tomorrow ?
  16. At this stage I wouldn’t be looking at models, I would look at the radar, and out of the window which will probably give the best indication. Mad weather
  17. It’ll be an absolute miracle if my car makes it through the night!
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