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  1. The CFS, that most reliable of models, indicates we are in for a seasonal Christmas 😄😄
  2. Well, hopefully not long. You'd like to think all the blocking will pay off at some point, but things don't necessarily work out like that of course!
  3. It looks like a pattern change to me with the heights over Iberia. I notice the GFS has now gone for a milder outlook too. So it looks increasingly likely that the Atlantic will make a return by mid- month.
  4. That is a Significant amount of blocking. Whatever about it getting cold enough for snow, surely there would be no swift return to zonality from that.
  5. It looks like a dry settled period, but no real widespread snowy period due to high pressure never making it up to Greenland. It's really frustrating with the bulk of the PV gone on holidays from Greenland. It will more than likely return by Mid December. I suspect we could end up with some stormy conditions soon after.
  6. Am I wrong in thinking the High has shifted too far west on that ECM charts for us- the cold plunge seems to miss us and head in to the Atlantic sea.
  7. He has been wrong in the past. I hope he is right about the Canadian Warming bit, though.
  8. Are you suggesting the Russian High might move over towards Scandanavia?
  9. Is a pv disruption likely by mid December then?
  10. Personally I'm glad we won't be seeing 30c in London this week. I don't fancy it when stuck in traffic jams! It's welcome when i'm off and can go to the seaside or a local park.
  11. Looks like some intense thunderstorms are on their way up from France! https://en.sat24.com/en/eu/km
  12. I'm glad we don't get humidity like this regularly. I could never live in South East Asia for this reason. Looking forward to the thunder and lightning later on tonight!
  13. Could the Kent region get some snow on Saturday night? If so, i'm going to drive there to see it:)
  14. When did it last snow in London during April? I would love a bit of nightime snow this April (very unlikely, i know) , it would be gone in the morning, but snow in London usually does not hang around long anyway.
  15. Hello Tom, That would do nicely. Can you make it happen:) I will read that article you mentioned. Thanks.
  16. Well, i am not losing hope for some snow after reading Tom's post about that April snowfall. I am definitely not in the isn't this weather wonderful camp- it's just wrong for it to be so mild at this time of year. Nature will hopefully balance things out come March. A March like 2013, except a bit snowier, would be nice!
  17. Roll on The Siberian Beast in March. I'm not ready for spring just yet. I'd settle even for just one more night of snow with a decent covering.
  18. The posting style of some posters gives the impression that they think it is a certainity. When it does not happen they often cite an extenuating circumstance- with the phantom of easterly 2012 it was a sudden uptick in solar actvity.... On another occasion it was because the vortex had displaced, rather than split, despite the overwhelmingly evidence saying it had. I am not trying to disparage others for putting their thoughts out there, and just having go because they they got it wrong, rather it think it's better to admit when something is a bust and look for the reasons why.
  19. Will that low in the Atlantic topple South East, or will the high be toppled instead by energy running over the top?
  20. In CSF we trust. It's more likely that Lord Lucan will be found alive and well somewhere in Greenland. I am done chasing phantom north easterlies- unless they are showing at t-48 on the models during the last week of February?
  21. The ninja snow last week gave a modest covering, i can't see the same happening this time around. Still I must not grumble too much, it's nice to see snow falling anytime.
  22. Snow has gotten heavier now,with some snow on the grass and cars, but not sticking on the ground, as the temperature is not low enough it seems
  23. The snow has got a bit heavier now. It is starting to stick on the car now.
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