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  1. Thank you. I'm so nervous here on the kent coast.... Desperately don't want to miss out
  2. What are the current thoughts on it's track, based on current radar images?
  3. Maybe something towards dawn pushing in from the channel. Countryfile BBC has the storms over central southern England tomorrow evening....
  4. Everything crossed as I'm Folkestone just outside the warning zone.
  5. Having seen the BBC news forecast this morning, they are watching snow showers running down Eastern counties. I assumed the reference to warnings may be for that at this stage.
  6. Do a storm dance for Dover please!!!! I spy some developments over France just nudging into view on MetO radar.
  7. It looks slightly too far south. I need a development over France I think.
  8. Sun is out now in Dover. Temperature responding very rapidly 22.5 degrees + 1.8 degrees in an hour.
  9. Not sure. Seems to have happened a lot this week. Have said that the band is moving north and in the last 10 minutes the temperature has really started to jump. Introducing warmer air?
  10. Far SE Kent is missing out again as has been the case all week to be honest. Hopefully a French import later on for Dover.
  11. I'm in bed with the window open. I feel like I can hear very distant rumbling.
  12. Itv forecast graphics just now show storms developing for Kent 2-3am and then more widely from around 4am
  13. The intense downpours look like being west of Kent. Much lighter precipitation further east.
  14. I'm driving from Kent to Calverley in NW Leeds on Monday. Has the snow been cancelled? I was concerned about the drive initially as BBC video updates are snowing snow from Midlands North for most of the day.
  15. I'm going to blame that arrow on my inability to draw using paint software!! Still on track to Kent?
  16. This area of precipitation has been developing nicely in the last few updates too.
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