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  1. Cheers will in town st mo so not sure what's happening st home shower activity looks good ?
  2. I'm in mottram, do our showers need to make landfall at hull then will ?
  3. Now that the winds changed north westerly where do people think the showers forming over the tip of South cumbria will reach further south ? Any ideas ?
  4. Good covering and beltin down now with streamer set up, happy bunny
  5. Same here a but meh really. Suppose to be getting colder later though so surely it will start converting to snow.
  6. Snowing lightly in mottram, very early for snow Love it and a nice surprise
  7. got a major league hang over as well so space food seems like a viable option
  8. wow, proper narnia out there, the walk to hattersley tesco should be fun
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