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  1. North west regional discussion

    Looks like Narnia out the window bbbrrrrrrrr finally some proper snow.
  2. North west regional discussion

    Same here in pal, in mottram
  3. North west regional discussion

    Heavy snow in mottram yay ! Starting to stick.
  4. It's snowing again mottram and the front seems to be spreading back towards Manchester which weird as it was clearing before now seems to be going westward again how is that possible?
  5. I'm guess monks road is fine then ? Shame really been snowing most of the morning but not enough intensity, God knows what it will be like when freezes later.
  6. Thinking of having a drive up there in a bit. Love watching the clouds roll in from town from up there crack in spot.
  7. Snowing albeit lightly do we think intensity sat just outside of Liverpool might actually make as far as east Manchester? The ground will be saturated and with -6 being forecast tonight would be like an ice rink no matter what now.
  8. Brief hail/sleet shower
  9. All snow flakes now, getting more intense, sticking to cars but nowt else yet.
  10. Don't say that otherwise I'll be going for the bath and toaster option.
  11. Cheers guys, fingers crossed. I tell you what @Had Worse your lad could with getting some mettricks pies down his neck, he' s like a bloody racing snake !
  12. Do we have any ideas when the uppers will drop to give us more of a chance ?
  13. Ha ha no way just served me lol. Pint of doombar, poured to perfection I might add.
  14. Sounds about right, balls to it it's cheap and I'm par taking in my other great love as weather watching letting me down whereas a pint of San Miguel never does. Cheers.
  15. Two blokes on one with dark hair and tuther with a pinny on - bizzare. Let's hope we get some tonight pal.