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  1. Aleyna? Nice pics. Weird how Tavistock didn't even get a dusting when you did as did bere Alston, gunnislake, Plymouth etc. Tavistock snow shield worked perfectly today!
  2. Yeah but we normally get more than Plymouth and they have had snow for a little while. But it has just started here.
  3. Just cold rain for the last couple of hours in Tavistock sadly. Great to see snow on the Cornish beaches!
  4. Princetown is doing well I believe but it normally does! When I lived up there I couldn't believe the difference between there and Dousland, not to far apart in distance but snow levels at the top of the moor were massively different. Princetown is epic for snow!
  5. My old stomping ground! Saw some massive snow totals up there! Long old winter sometimes up there
  6. Tavistock has a slight dusting, but seems areas close to the coast have it worse. Just got back from bere Alston and it was heavy snow there when we left. My old stomping ground on Dartmoor might have done well in particular the east side I would have thought
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