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  1. Snowing here at midnight, good sized flakes, moderate intensity
  2. Met Office Yellow Warning for Snow for West Midlands, but lets just say after recent 'early' warnings I do not hold much hope
  3. Was not expecting this completely unexpected and a great surprise!
  4. Hi Arnie, looks good, some occasional buffering but its fine for an outdoor webcam. Is that stream HD?
  5. Thank you Phil:) Lots of useful information available and the UI is very easy to understand as well. Hopefully as you collect more data you'll be able to calculate the averages for Aldridge
  6. AROME 12Z won't post this on the Model Thread () but can quite clearly see the precipitation is further south and east. However, for us in the Midlands this does allow the showers to start rolling in earlier, due to us being far enough away from the cloud band I assume. We just need to be patience and wait our turn. We don't always need to get the most snow nor do we need to be the first to see it. ,
  7. Best to only stay in the Midlands thread on Sunday if that came off! Some people will be having a breakdown!
  8. ARPEGE 12Z keeps most precipitation off the coast of SE England. Streamers follow on behind (locations not worth worrying about at this stage) Compared to 12Z ICON there is a noticeably less precipitation around
  9. ICON 12Z keeps the precipitation further south and east compared to the 06Z run:
  10. Hello Salem! Welcome, you are more than welcome to post on this thread if you wish. However, the Yorkshire and East England thread may suit you better as there are other people from Lincolnshire who post in that thread:)
  11. I would not mind if that happened tbh, although there would probably be uproar on the MAD thread!
  12. Yes one of those situations where you either want to be in the heart of front or be far away to allow for convective showers. The ICON 18Z seems to have moved the precip further SE
  13. I really wouldn't worry about that, from what I've read on this thread the ICON is not good at forecasting convection so if anything this probably an underestimate of precip.
  14. Quick look at the ICON shows the precip is further SE on the 18Z compared to 12Z
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