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  1. Hello. Even though there may have been one or two areas today which did see some issues, I still wouldn't class it as Amber. I think that recently we have seen the MetOffice needlessly issue warnings just to 'stay on the safe side'. I think issuing unwarranted warnings risk changing people's perception to warnings. For eg, repeatedly issuing Amber when the event doesn't occur for a particular area or when the impact is only slight and so only really warrants a Yellow warning. This means that next time when an Amber is issued people will simply think it shouldn't cause too much disruption as it didn't the last time an Amber was issued. Also lets not forget how the media will 'hype' up the event anyway. Personally here in the West Midlands the Amber issued in the past weekend was granted, lives were lost, however, today I feel the Met Office have been too over cautious, it hasn't been widespread disruption. In regards to snow warnings, I can understand why only a few cm may warrant an Amber since in modern day Britain, a few cm of the white stuff is enough for all our infrastructure to grind to a halt, this doesn't happen with a few heavy downpours.
  2. I agree, they could have reduced the warning size as the day progressed, looking at the radar is was quite clear that the Amber for areas such as Exeter was not necessary, just needlessly issuing warnings for no reason.
  3. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/m5-flooding-storm-road-closed-14712034?bustcache=1527438763885 Some pics and vids here @bazookabob
  4. Amber now issued, don't think it's really needed though. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-05-27&lat=52.6057&lon=-1.9143
  5. I also felt uncomfortably warm when walking to the local shops.
  6. Congrats Matt! I'm currently on 5.
  7. Indeed Dancer With Wings, a very pleasant, spring-like day. Something we haven't experienced in a longtime.
  8. Afternoon all well a day after snow watch ended 'storm' watch has begun, very heavy showers moving up from SW with frequent thunder and heavy hail, I wouldn't mind this for the rest of the season if we can't get snow:)
  9. Thanks Terminal Moraine I'm just worried that his negative attitude is a detriment to this group. Would rather 'it' not be present.
  10. You are most certainly the troll in this group, I'm surprised you haven't been banned already, plus your predictions are very pessimistic I actually some snow over the grass and car. Matt Stoke and Daniel carry on doing what you are doing! This poster is just jealous!!
  11. Hi Daniel already coming down in Sennybridge, Wales traffic cams show. I'm hopeful of seeing some snow flakes to record another day of snow which will bring the total to 26days, hope you get better soon:)
  12. And you can stop with your ridiculous Mild Bias! Daniel please ignore such people your doing great...far better than LondonSnowWatch!
  13. No I don't believe the event has passed yet, I'm still optimistic of seeing some snow however transient, I hold Daniel (LondonSnowStreamer) in high esteem and am confident (with a bit of luck) of seeing some snow flakes.
  14. Thanks Daniel for your valued input, I always like your optimism and courage to speak your mind in regards to the weather!:)