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  1. Thank you yes, I do remember last year experiencing some freezing rain but it was temporary and at night whereas this is forecast to be during the day.
  2. Shouldn't we be concerned of the freezing rain as it be can be very dangerous?
  3. Just because it is a non-event for you doesn't mean other people can't stop posting about the event. You can't control when and what types of weather people decide to post and discuss.
  4. Good Morning ARPEGE still best for snow potential and has been for a few days don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing. ICON has backed away unfortunately, until we see the other models like the AROME and HIRLAM I’m not getting too optimistic.
  5. Arpege does seem the 'best' for those of us wanting snow, and not just for the north. Apologies for the France view, it is because the UK view hasn't update yet. I show this to indicate possible at risk areas, ignore the snowfall depths. The 'angle of attack' seems to be better which probably explains why it shows more snow compared to ICON and GFS.
  6. It does just not as heavy nor defined as further north, probably just asking too much, I don't know but if we continue to see the improvements that we've seen today it will be interesting. Have to say there has been a clear trend in the right direction in regards to the ICON, and as many know I don't say that lightly.
  7. Good Evening Steve, how far south do you think we will see the snow, if we do see any snow at all from this event? I do trust you as your instincts have been very good lately but still remain cautious. For eg, the Met Office forecast for this day is for temps to increase with the precipitation.
  8. ICON 18Z is better, but still not good enough for anyone south of northern England.
  9. Some wintry precipitation for Northern England, northwards would it be unrealistic to hope that the snow line moves southwards?
  10. Although the ARPEGE 12Z does indicate something wintry, it is at 0.5 resolution, not as high as the Arpege 0.1 12Z which is still running.
  11. Would think it is highly improbable, all indications are that the Atlantic will break through, just a question of when not if.
  12. Hmmm will it be red or blue? EDIT: 850s are nothing to write home about.