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  1. Yeah I agree. I was talking more in terms of there automated forecasts which indicate many hours of thunderstorms tomorrow. Although I know we shouldn’t take automated forecasts literally.
  2. MetOffice seem really bullish in regards to thunderstorm risk tommorow. Is it going to be more fork lightning rather the elevated lightning of late?
  3. Most likely 32.9C was the temp to beat and currently showing 33C, I think its unlikely though that we will beat the all time temp record.
  4. @shaky The highest temperature for Leicester was recorded at Newtown Linford was 34.5 °C (94.1 °F) during August 1990 although a temperature of 35.1 °C (95.2 °F) was achieved at Leicester University during August 2003.
  5. So for us in the Midlands the highest ever temperature recorded in Birmingham (Airport) was 34.9C set in August. The forecasted high for EGBB is currently 34C so will be close!
  6. Do the MetOffice keep any records relating to thunderstorms/ lightning?
  7. That's the final straw, off to bed. Another disappointing event.
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