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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/EssexWeather/status/1042870875559796738 Yes Essex Weather has tweeted about it and provided the link to the Weather Station, so it may not be completely false.
  2. Hi, I'm very unsure about Sunday it seems the model are not really any clearer in regards to Sundays potential Storm. I wonder what the more experienced people on this Forum think will happen on Sunday. As I'm not expecting it to be as bad as tonight but I maybe wrong looking at the ECMWF.
  3. You never know, we may find ourselves in a similar position to October 2008.
  4. Sorry for blank post above, would remove all the text. Having now looked at ECMWF Charts on Weather.US is does indeed show some strong winds, more strong than tonight in fact, so we are no closer to knwoing the answer it seems. But since it is now being shown on the ECMWF rather than GFS shouldn't we have some more confidence?
  5. Thank you, can't really see that looking at the 24hrs charts.
  6. AppleUK 123

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Morning all today’s System has been named Storm Bronagh, but only Yellow Warnings have been issued, so should be expect an Amber to be issued soon? I thought Warnings had to be at least Amber for a Storm to be named
  7. AppleUK 123

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    On a lighter note, we have our first Snowfall Spike for Birmingham, rather early I think:)
  8. So, is there increasing chance of the Met Office upgrading there warnings? I'm just a bit weary of the GFS.
  9. That's pretty interesting, if the UKMET model has underestimated Friday then could it be possible it is underestimating Sunday?
  10. Hi Surrey I have to say I haven't really paid much attention to Thursday/ Friday as I thought Sunday would be worst but interesting how the HI-RES models shows the potential for strong winds during Thursday/Friday while the GFS doesn't but then on the other hand the HI-RES really aren't showing anything significant for Sunday yet the GFS is! I'm still uncertain if here in Central England whether the worst winds will be Thursday/ Friday or Sunday, whats's your feeling, do you think they will upgrade warnings tomorrow. Regarding Ali I believe the ICON was pretty good.
  11. Ashame, I was looking forward to a named Storm.
  12. AppleUK 123

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Wow, didn't see that as my focus has been on Sunday, do you think there is a possibility of being issued with an Amber Warning for Friday or do you suspect it will remain Yellow.
  13. AppleUK 123

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Hi Weirpig, are you expecting Sunday to be the windiest though?
  14. AppleUK 123

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Morning all, my neighbours tree has had a large branch fall off, this is the first time after Storm Doris, damage has occurred which is surprising as the strongest winds are well north of the Midlands, one wonders what would occur if the GFS is correct?
  15. Hello. Even though there may have been one or two areas today which did see some issues, I still wouldn't class it as Amber. I think that recently we have seen the MetOffice needlessly issue warnings just to 'stay on the safe side'. I think issuing unwarranted warnings risk changing people's perception to warnings. For eg, repeatedly issuing Amber when the event doesn't occur for a particular area or when the impact is only slight and so only really warrants a Yellow warning. This means that next time when an Amber is issued people will simply think it shouldn't cause too much disruption as it didn't the last time an Amber was issued. Also lets not forget how the media will 'hype' up the event anyway. Personally here in the West Midlands the Amber issued in the past weekend was granted, lives were lost, however, today I feel the Met Office have been too over cautious, it hasn't been widespread disruption. In regards to snow warnings, I can understand why only a few cm may warrant an Amber since in modern day Britain, a few cm of the white stuff is enough for all our infrastructure to grind to a halt, this doesn't happen with a few heavy downpours.