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  1. John Dalton

    Model output discussion - into 2018

    I agree with Blizzard in that the actual scandi high will be a blend of GFS and ECM. You know an accurate method of model prediction would be all of you voting on likely accuracy of GFS and ECM at say 7 days BUT with money on the outcome. That pressure map would be highly accurate I would say, but not as accurate as the quantum computing methods that will be used in the near future. Imagine viewing a 3D pressure map with colours representing percentage chances against time. It'll be very immersive...you will truly be able to 'see' where the intricacies and butterflies lie.
  2. Certainly very interesting model watching! Enjoy the show, the ups and downs. https://www.netweather.tv/charts-and-data/ensembles Thats quite a wild shift to cold and one I have money on in lingering for quite a while!