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  1. Away from the hills I wouldn't bet against a snow flake not being seen this winter for the majority of the UK. I suspect the atlantic will be too powerful and continue to push all cold weather aside.
  2. Wow that’ll be approaching 20C in favoured spots! Followed by cooler westerlies than possibly a repeat I would imagine? Cant see the high moving north, and squeezing the cold in from the East myself. I know many here want that to happen but it’s unlikely. The WAA has been upon us all winter.
  3. Could well reach that! Last day before low res kicks in suggests some very mild air. New records? The GFS runs look very plausible and won’t be far off imo. The hunt for cold is in March, which is a shame. But my guess is a cool (at times) HP with a few frosts leading to an average Spring kind of setup.
  4. The models are showing some very mild weather forthcoming. 15C here (in the sun) and it feels lovely in the warm sunshine!
  5. Not this time Sleety. Likely a mild end to winter then onto a normal setup for spring (no cold). Possibility of a few frosts in March with a HP setup as the last of the cold is shunted east (again). I see it very clearly. My forecasts improve with age you know.
  6. Sting in the tail this winter? Not likely. Early spring much more likely.
  7. Just checking in. No cold in the models other than two frosts, possibly. Back in ten days.
  8. I think most readers on here understand that some posters (Steve & Isobar etc) are cold biased as they are always in the hunt and not actually depicting what will likely happen. I don’t take anything they say literally.
  9. 15 deg. Lovely spring like weather on its way, if the cold won’t come let’s wrap this winter up and start with an early Spring.
  10. Normal winter isn’t it? In fact less snow and cold than average. Absurd indeed...
  11. All a bit pah.... Another chase for an elusive Easterly...after one run...still we have 30 days of winter left so who knows? The SSW just hasn’t produced this side of the Atlantic, I can’t see anything changing that.
  12. Thursdays feature will be of mostly cold rain as well. I’m afraid a westerly incursion moving into not-so-cold air is simply to marginal (in fact very unlikely) for snow. DP and temps far to high.
  13. Three model views on next Thursdays low pressure and the ensembles from GFS. Certainly a large area of low pressure but still a good chance it will be much slacker than depicted by ECM, notice the ensembles have three to four good cold members in there? Could we be lucky this time? Sure the ECM is usually first for picking up new trends but is it blowing this low up too much?
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