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  1. If it only showing sleet for you, then there is not a chance for the rest of us.
  2. could not make this up A47AD0E6-FD96-46C4-95A4-FAF9AB84ED8A.webp
  3. Totally agree.. you can’t beat shoving your head out the window and see what the weather is doing.
  4. No point looking beyond d7 ?? bit ironic, when you will post a chart from the GFS @ T+ 360 and proclaim game over for any cold spell.
  5. I’ve had some very good snowfall from an Easterly, but like you say, the showers rapidly die a death as they get to my location. Once the showers get to the Bolton area they almost fizzle out when heading to the Wigan area to my west.
  6. Happy New Year to you all. here hoping we can get back to normal very soon.
  7. A few people upset, that the ECM is showing easterly winds and bringing rain to their areas.
  8. This is westhoughton in the south west part of the Bolton borough, about 2-3 miles away from me.. Yet my garden is green
  9. Snap Must have missed me by a couple of miles.. unbelievable
  10. Well done to those in the West & South of the Region. just a bit of wet snow for my area. Seems I was just a few miles to far North.
  11. Showers becoming more and more wintry . Ground soaking so nothing sticking.
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