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  1. Where is @northwestsnow ? Not seen him post for a day or Two.
  2. Yes, starting to feel like us in the North West will be picking up the scraps. hopefully a couple of surprises will crop up. Trough or disturbance. don’t think I’ll be able to bear seeing the rest of the country with 20cm plus and us with a dusting lol
  3. Will it slide or not ? surely those heights south of Iceland will not hold out to that monster low
  4. I think our best option is the Atlantic trying to break through and stalling over us... could be epic
  5. Expect about 100 pages in the mad thread in the next hour.. mild sector in the south east on the ECM
  6. Not necessarily.. Many made it over the Pennines in 2018. Eastern areas of our region will see snow showers. Ive had many a good snowfall from an Easterly. One thing I have noticed is that they tend to fizzle out as they have passed my part of the Region.
  7. Just computer generated.. I’m sure come the time they will be lower
  8. Mad thread living up to its name.. southerners arguing with southerners. game over. no snow in my back yard ECM and MetO will follow the GFS.. Trolls. a day in the life on Netweather forum in winter..
  9. The low south of Greenland is going to slide and Wales and the South West get a serious dumping
  10. Seriously coming down here.. horizontal in the strong wind
  11. Some huge flakes coming down. Think it will turn to rain soon
  12. I’ve seen it be rain in Manchester, got to farnworth and it’s been sleet. By the time I’ve got to horwich it’s been heavy snow. Manchester is about 90m asl. I’m 190m asl. Surprising what a bit of altitude can do.
  13. @Chris.R What’s it saying for Horwich /Bolton area ? many thanks
  14. Horwich in the Amber but only just.. seems the boundary is the M61.
  15. I hope this cold spell comes off. anything from the East beats the slushy crap we get from a North Westerly. my part of the North West usually does ok from an Easterly or North Easterly, obviously not as good as the East part of our region.
  16. MetO app has now got me down for 4 hours of heavy snow. hate snow to rain events
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