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  1. Found this on the App Store but it’s not been updated for 4 years.. so obviously it’s duff.
  2. Well after a day of snow showers, I might be able to scrape together 0.5cm
  3. Huge shower flakes only small and instantly settling
  4. Heaviest snow shower of the day and it still cannot settle. Going to need a serious blizzard at this rate just to get 2 or 3 cm.
  5. Cold out there today in the wind. having one of those days were I’m trying to fill my paperwork out in my van but my hands are numb from the cold.
  6. Thought the winds were ENE.. so that would make any bands of showers go in a WSW direction??
  7. Yes. Looks like heading into Cheshire and North Staffordshire
  8. Just been on WhatsApp with the Mrs and she is complaining it’s so hot. After a cold month or so ( in her terms 24c is cold) next week is looking hot hot.. 40-44c the humidity will be unbearable.
  9. Light snow shower, instantly tried to settle. considering the apps yesterday had me down for nothing today, I class this as a little upgrade.
  10. Just read some post.. turning on each other.. emotions get high when the snow does not show.. can you imagine them living in the North west?, they’d be on Prozac 24/7
  11. Always thought I was 190m asl apparently I’m a little bit more.. you can probably tell I’m bored https://www.freemaptools.com/elevation-finder.htm
  12. Was just under the orange bit, in between Bolton and horwich second chart
  13. Another flight to Thailand cancelled for April giving up.
  14. Nothing changes.. whenever any rain about the North West is always the sweet spot
  15. The cold spell has not even started yet. anyway we may end up not chasing + 10 day chats due to the cold not leaving our shores.
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