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  1. Seems I haven’t missed much cold snowy weather in the last 2 months. just got back from Thailand visiting my daughter and Mrs High 30c most days, wall to wall sunshine. land today to 6c and heavy rain. depressed ain’t the word
  2. Looking at the Radar, looks like that’s all till the early hours. hopefully the temps can drop a bit more.
  3. Hi Snowray. unfortunately we have the Irish Sea on our doorstep. We’ve had -8 uppers and winds from the North West and only seen sleet. I'm sure other members from the North West will tell you that the Irish Sea is a complete pain.
  4. 197m asl and down for sleet lol I know it’s computer generated but.... nowt special
  5. Today has been absolutely vile. It’s rained solid now for over 24 hours. No weather warning from the MetO, absolute nothing. like you said on the regional thread, enough is enough now. I’m sick to the back teeth of the constant rainfall we’ve had.
  6. Absolute vile day.. heavy persistent rain all day. sick to the back teeth of it.
  7. Our dreaded Nemesis. that chart has snow for the Preston area and Rain for you at 200m asl lol
  8. At last some dry cold weather. just took the dog for a walk up to rivington pike. Lovely views of west Lancashire down to the coast of Southport & Blackpool in the distance. In the East of the region, views of Oldham, down into Tameside and Manchester City centre. Beautiful winters day. Only thing missing is about 30cm of snow ?
  9. Well considering our default weather pattern is Atlantic driven, he might well be correct. Then again, he might not be.
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