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  1. It’s not collapsing at 120 ?? its being held up by low heights over Iberia
  2. We would have been jumping for joy last year. We still have low heights that’s a good thing
  3. Good spot indeed. hard to say, But if you look at Florida on the satellite image and then look at Florida on the chart, I would say it looks more West South West. Just my thought.
  4. Don’t know where this has come from but I’ll take it gone from green to completely white in 15 mins
  5. Heavy snow here. Sticking everywhere
  6. Insane charts I always feel more relaxed when the MetO are onboard. just hope the ECM plays ball now
  7. I feel quite giddy looking at that chart... may need a lay down
  8. Don’t think you can get snow depth charts from the MetO ?
  9. Just did a little wee stonking chart
  10. Probably one of the best charts I’ve ever seen.. winter is coming with a vengeance
  11. ^^ that last chart looks like a Cheshire Gap streamer
  12. Snap. Seems the costal community had it better
  13. Wind has picked up here. Flakes getting bigger