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  1. Are the 850 temps what is at 850 metres or am I wrong?... trying to understand the models better.
  2. What will the pub runs produce... firecrackers??
  3. What does that temp ananomly chart show us?... are the reds above avg temps and the blue below avg temps?
  4. This is still spring, peeps stop wishing summer synoptics?
  5. I’ll be digging out the bobble hat and shovel in readiness
  6. The ECM will come up with the goods I can feel it in my bones
  7. The great thing about this upcoming cold/very cold spell is that we dont know exactly what we are going to get served up with regards to rain/sleet/snow and with the battle between the easterlys and the atlantic fronts and and also how the PV is going to behave its all very interesting and will keep me looking at the weather models for a few weeks yet
  8. So as it rises north from the trough then it would become its very own seperate deep low on its own?
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