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  1. I would settle for many mornings like this one for the rest of winter, with a bit of snow of course.
  2. I would settle for just one day of proper snowfall, time will tell. I dare not post in the model thread this year, some proper weird people getting the hump over something that may or may not happen!
  3. Would you like to roll the dice, it would seem it maybe more accurate than model interpretation at the moment ?
  4. It all looked so promising with some brilliant charts this winter. As always, just a computer prediction as what maybe. However, so far, they have nae delivered ?.....yet ?
  5. Some Prozac required in the model thread. I still think we may see something from the East. My money would be on a westerly incursion though. Cold and frosty is the order of the day for now....or soon.
  6. Friday is looking ok. FI seems to be +24 at the moment ?
  7. It's just taken me 55 minutes to drive from Durham to Aycliffe. Roads in the region are awful ?
  8. Both my children's schools are shut. There was no chance anyway of getting them their. Quite bad here to be fair.
  9. I have just been sat off the A1 with the A61 Ripon turnoff. Absolutely whiteout for about 20 mins. Now blue sky and sun. Couldn't make it up ?
  10. All kicking off about poor snowfall in the Yorkshire thread. As Doc said this morning, we had more here in the January spell. I await 10ft by tonight or.im calling this spell a write off ?
  11. My old RAF station. Lovely part of the world. Scanned the skies for many years there.....not looking for snow mind ?
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