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  1. yep one of my favourites too. Not a fan of this grey murky dampness we seem to be getting a lot of at the moment
  2. Snowing! Settling on roofs and cars but not much else
  3. looks like a damp warm christmas this year, again, more like autumn than winter. 27th we might have some sleet Merry christmas everyone!
  4. looks like this Christmas is going to be like last year, mild, muggy and not very festive at all last minute Christmas escape to Scotland anyone?
  5. very cold morning. no fog, but a heavy frost
  6. GFS has just updated, winter IS over, not a sausage on christmas
  7. Whie christmas/boxing day anyone?
  8. yep! It was my mums birthday - and she hates snow I had no idea about what happened chartwise either, just remember having the day off school!
  9. yep same here, didn't need to wear my favourite hat this morning
  10. think we're back to rain in worthing
  11. that is true. Just a bit annoying as it looks nice and i'd wish it would settle but we basically have cold rain
  12. its barely snow. as soon as it hits a surface it looks like rain
  13. Precipitation is now snow in Worthing, still not settling. I have a good view of the downs from my college but the cloud is too low to see them