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  1. persistent snow in nw london, but not settling well, Worthing seems to be having more success
  2. recently moved to north London for uni which should hopefully be more favourable for snow than on the sussex coast!
  3. Yep flashes practically every second ih Worthing. Not too much thunder though
  4. I can see bits of lightning through the clouds. Last years storms were incredible though
  5. Getting a bit windy and overcast in worthing and has just rained a bit. I love a good thunndstorm! Let the games begin!
  6. horrible in Worthing this morning. the rain feels like ice and its very heavy.
  7. Possible stones somewhere. She had a suspected uti on Tuesday and had antibiotics and the stomach pains havent gone away.
  8. Just started raining in Worthing. Shame as I powerwashed the path earlier! Hope it thunders well, usually me and mum watch storms together but she's stuck in a&e at the moment
  9. Worthings snow shield was in full force last night it seems. (Photo taken at about 9am) Nothing on pavements and a little bit on cars, roofs and grass.
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