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  1. Just been for a walk to Danbury with the kids as it often does well with a bit of elevation. There was about 3-5cms I'd say and enough to enjoy.
  2. I've had a few personal messages from concerned Netweather members over the past couple of hours following my photo of up to 2mm's of snow building against my fence. Please be reassured that my fence is still managing to stand up to the increasing weight of snow. However, blizzard like conditions have since led to an epic level of drifting not seen for over 3 years (see updated photo below). Stay safe out there fellow southerners.
  3. Drifting snow now piling up against my garden fence in Chelmsford. Up to 2mm now on the horizontal bits. #Amber warning.
  4. Paul I was just walking in Danbury with the kids before it turned to rain, probably 2-3cms, see pic
  5. Snowing heavily in GT Baddow Chelmsford, has been for past 15 minutes and a layer starting to appear on grass and cars! Do I wake kids up...
  6. My wife knows when there's potential for snow because a) I'm on the phone constantly and b) I suddenly get very interested in clearing everything off of the lawn, making sure no dogs mess etc etc... Classic signs of incoming cold...
  7. Beautiful picture, how did you get to the bottom of your garden without leaving footprints? 😁
  8. Can anyone tell me where I can input my own longitude and latitude to view the same GEFS as above? I tried Google and looking on metrociel but couldn't find the same charts. Thanks in advance
  9. My league just called off all games for tomorrow (Chelmsford, Essex area)
  10. Morning WH Where can I access these datasets by area? Thanks
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