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  1. Sooo is Tuesday a possibility for us IoW’ers to get some snow??? Ta
  2. Thanks says we have heavy snow 12 n 1 then light at 2 what’s it show at 1? Ta
  3. Could someone just screenshot a decent radar image for me please meto say we have few more hours but on the free radar I looked at it’s nearly over for us, thanks
  4. Laying in Shanklin iow!! Roads etc all covered again after a slight thaw earlier
  5. Is this it for the iow?? Sorry to harp on I’m not a radar watcher lol
  6. Are we expecting more tonight? According to meto few more hours on iow from 8-midnight??
  7. Actually pretty heavy here in Shanklin iow and laying
  8. Rain on the iow I know it’s not suppose to be snow for us until later but just can’t see it happening for us?!!
  9. Looks like it but would it fall as snow tho? Still -0.3 here even tho meto says 4! Lol
  10. Anyone looking at a radar is there sign of this forecast snow coming our way yet?
  11. Confused, are the iow getting more snow today? Weather app says yes n bbc showed snow from 1 for us?
  12. Is that it now for snow for us on iow??
  13. Is that it now for us for snow on the iow? No idea what is falling right now sounds like ice falling on the conservatory weird!
  14. Oh no it’s stopped here is that it for us?? Then rain later ugh