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  1. No posts for a while? Have I been blocked or is there nothing at all showing?? ?
  2. For me yesterday was a disaster!! Most of the iow had laying snow yet wet in shanklin ? gutted!! Had few flurries earlier but really hope we get something else this winter that I can actually enjoy just a few snowballs and a snowman that’s all I want ??❄️❄️
  3. Well really hope this isn’t it for us this winter?! Really disappointing for this side of the island just wet n windy few flurries but not even layed on the cars!! Well done to Newport Cowes etc at least they had decent covering I’m off to bed now really sad as wudve loved to have had a walk in it even a couple cm I’d have been happy with! Just praying we get another chance this winter! ? happy for everyone that got some ??❄️
  4. Any more to come for the iow? Nothing laying at all in shanklin! Can’t lie I’m gutted ?
  5. It’s snowing now after couple hours heavy rain but the ground is too wet and the snow is a very wet snow ?
  6. Wow- how can shanklin be so different??! The ground is SO wet now and although it’s started snowing its a wet snow that doesn’t want to lay! Any idea how much longer it’s in for? I’m hoping it may lay if we have a few more hours n temp drops bit more?
  7. Anyone know if there’s a chance this rain will turn to decent snow in shanklin on the iow bearing in mind it’s snowing over the west n central parts of the island?!!!
  8. Literally cannot believe how different it is in shanklin!!!!! Surely it will change here??? Sleety rain heavy!!
  9. Sooo not only do I live on the snowless iow - the 1 time we are in with a chance I live on the WRONG side of the iow as snowing in Cowes n raining here in shanklin ?‍♀️ Wow
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