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  1. I couldn't agree any more ....im an avid runner (out 6 days a week) and this winter has been utterly shocking here in brighton. Cold wet and windy (again). Seems that theres been only a handfull of sunshine days since autumn and the wind is just endless. Roll on summer. Tbh i used to enjoy winters but im fast thinking i might become a summer fan instead. Winters in the UK stink
  2. Remember the old saying...get the cold in first...well... No point in getting bogged down into details this far out, there's always likely to be disturbances within the flow and it's great to see the whole of Europe in the freezer. I still think that the door to an Easterly flow is being opened slowly but surely as we head through December and into January when seeing charts like what we are seeing, the constant flip flopping from one day to another shows that things aren't behaving in the normal manner and that has to be a good thing as the normal manner usually involves HP over Azores and lows running over the top through the UK. Even when this does show up on the models as per + 210 on tonights GFS it doesn't seem to take long for the cold to find a way back...or the next days runs drop the return to westerly idea completely. Enjoy the cold at the back end of next week and let's see where it goes from there
  3. I can smell an Easterly coming ......Atlantic dead in the water ...defaintely a chart loaded with potential from here on out.. prolonged cold spell looming perhaps
  4. I'm liking how the UKMO and the Control run of the 12Z GFS are very similar, especially given how the 12z GFS control run evolves. UKMO + 144 GFS Control + 144 The Control then goes on to evolve into a fairly slack Easterly, but an easterly none the less, fantastic charts, will be looking at tonight's ECM with interest
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