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  1. Whats going on Met app has downgraded and BBC app has upgraded snow fall in my area......confused.com. Think I'll just suck it and see
  2. Don't worry its just the way the image is pixalated those snow depths will reach the coast. Just a poor resolution image
  3. temperature really dropping now. strongbow kept on decking is giving me brain freeze
  4. I'm glad I've got my log burner. Cheap as chips.........it really does grow on trees
  5. The first stage of the SSW threw the models into turmoil for a while until the ECM latched onto the current cold run and the others slowly followed suit. This cold spell is now odds on for next week. Do you think the second SSW we have witnessed will also throw the models in the coming days? Hope not as it will cause chaos in here, by the way last few pages in this thread have been bliss long may it continue.
  6. Hope everything works out ok and wish you a speedy recovery
  7. My sentiments exactly. I think this is going to be a case of suck it and see with models chopping and changing every run
  8. fingers crossed for the morning and rest of Feb ❄❄❄❄
  9. Don't understand the people on the MOD thread. They lambaste eachother about what might happen 6, 8, 10 days from now saying there's no point as it may not verify but isn't that the point of the thread? Who knows what will happen, which model will verify (if any) . For me it shows trends and after all it's about the chase.
  10. But then this would not be a model discussion thread but a nowcast commentary
  11. A few sleety showers here up on the Gaer Fort. Never mind working nights tonight so I can keep an eye out...........not expecting much though near the banks of the Usk. lol.............its all about the chase
  12. Wintery mix here. 60 ASL 1.5 km from coast.............fingers crossed
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