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  1. sausage

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    yep a huge disapointmebt this morning. egg on face for me. south east hot rest average. not so exciting afterall.
  2. sausage

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    guys just out of interest what does 14-16c uppers normally transpire to?
  3. sausage

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    yep the gfs has easterlies developing yet warmer air. all good if thats the case. doubt low misty cloud with such high uppers!!
  4. sausage

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    the models look lovely and warm but . its sunny and blue skies here in leeds! but cold!! yes no rain and very dry but would be great to have sunny hot days. see once again the forecasts and met office have backtracked for this region!! AGAIN.
  5. just experienced the most intense brief snow shower ever. visibility plummeted to metres and i couldnt breathe in the wind. was phanomenal!! showers galore out there!!
  6. incredible. i take it back.
  7. again garbage here in leeds! nothing. so much for peeps saying there moving this way n the met n chris fawkes saying widespread snow. what nonsense.
  8. waste of time here in leeds. utter garbage.
  9. snowing started hwavy but gone ligjt
  10. hey pit. how do i do that? im in north east leeds at 140-151m. moortwn. my 2nd house is 10m higher than where i live.
  11. 0mg where are people!! forget the sniw shower potential the MO has widely 1-3cm tonight!! thy cant be that wrong csn thy?, and 5-10 above 200m. TONIGHT NOW!!
  12. why is the amber so far south in this region. all forecazts ive seen bbc and itv say the whole region!! and euro 4 has north yorks well involved. infact less so for south yrks!! or at least north mids!!
  13. a few flakes of snow just fell here at 150m mixed with rain n sleet so the cold air is here. 2-10cm tonighy according to MO not pit. so kets hope it lowers to above 100m because i think tmz will be a fail. its all about tonight.
  14. tonight was a starter!! ws more than tmz. n im still expecting tonight. MO have tonight as widely 1-3cm but cant see it.