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  1. looks like thats it for us then tonight. all to south n way way north. same old. again!
  2. mega heavy snow hail shower passed through north leeds! best of season. was incredible. need full on orange blobs to push through!!
  3. couldnt agree more frosty. shocking and looking bad years to come if in mid winter were struggling for cold from anywhere!! met office got this so terribly wrong. but not just them...
  4. bar further north as ive just said. theres just something about yorks!!
  5. why are they retaining intensity further north but not here.
  6. as per. heavy a long line of sbow to north but in our region peter out n miss most. typical. ! so annoyinh!!
  7. well in snow covered comptom cabins in north yorks. its clear blu n sunny. must be at least -6/7. ignore the news day everyone. thy wont get that much anyway
  8. looks like the ssw missed us this time n took hold of the usa! have you all seen the severity their!-as always. why oh why we struggle so much. the atlantoc was their when the thames use to freeze up. n its not global warming. the weather just doesnt like us
  9. well it all went so wrong from being so good monday AM. i knew it really. was bound to be the case again. i fewl so despondant about it that ive actually lost trust in the models n any snow events becausr thy just dont come off and wasting days n week of excited. its such a shame that i love snow more than anything because otherwise it wouldnt matter would it. at least here on the edge of the NYM on my holiday it finally turned to snow at 2pm and gave about 2-4cm. so nice. at wshud at least last till i come home on a journey i was expecting to come back on in heavy snow.
  10. please can someone inform me on latest ec46? or is it tonight?!!
  11. well by the emoji does that mean bad?! if so its been a total garbage waste of time following it n being excited by it! scrap it if thats the case.
  12. please can someone inform me on latest ec46? or is it tonight?!!
  13. sometimes i think im talking to myself on here lol lmao lofl lmfao hehe.
  14. have this horrid feeling of gfs letting us dwn again tonight n the southerners loving it. ive avoided that thread since yesterday afternoon! n will continue to do so. poor moderation by the chiefs!
  15. im quietly hoping thurs night is our time! it is according to overnighters! but worrysome that meto n bbc are bow being quiet on it because this morning the bbc were saying snow western n northern areas thurs nights but looking at meto website it has heavy snow midlands, i presume moving north. it dam well better be!!
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