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  1. anothet month of winter gone when the suns at its lowest too. mid jan onwards now. yet another chance missed im afraid. bbc never apolagise. the forecasts last nite said how we'd get heavy disruptive snow. nonsense.
  2. well bbc just said disruptive sognificant snowfall tomorrow night.
  3. not sure whats going on here but bbc have me in north leeds under heavy snow tomorrow evening from 7pm to 5am!!
  4. anyone know anywhere decent to take the kids sledging down in south yorks or beyond before there snow melts please??
  5. almost akin to the levels of ne usa snows!! yes not quite as deep.
  6. its sad isnt it. a rare one missed. the wait goes on n on. this event would have made me happy for the rest of winter. and unlike most other events its not just a few hours heavy snow, its a full days worth!! :'( :'(
  7. well steve i refuse to go on the main model output because of the ridiculous just midland snowy posts etc. we will get oir turn next year steve dont worry so that youll can be jealous!! thank fully it will melt quickly at the altitude the midlands is at compared to further north
  8. looks like nothing snowy coming up in the oitlook too typical how the sliding low later in week just brings us rain. as per.
  9. i wont be looking at other pics as it will mke me too upset and jealous. already feel really hard done by. #totallygutted is an understatement. i cant see us getting anymore falls this winter. the last two i only saw two falls. just too difficult in this day n age now my childhood dream continually broken. infact beyond repair. i even lost my interest in leeds playing today!
  10. at least ive realised that the saying ' good things come to those who wait' in incorrect. we could have had this cover for weeks even with temps of 5c 20+cm would only thaw slowly. hopefully it will be milder down there and melt more quickly.
  11. i am totally lost for words and really really sad and sub-dued. at least ive real
  12. i could not have said this better. exactly its dam typical of a push southwards. i dream of these setups. wasted n missed :'(
  13. anyone knw or can post any POSITIVE other charts for precip etc from the 18z's to bring so cheer? bbc said it was moving north north east. not according to that gfs.