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  1. xcweather is also good for that , as it is based on raw gfs ..
  2. Looks like something is trying to build in again , If we do get the Plume next week, without the North Sea Influence this time , temps are likely to be higher , going on the 6z setup , Id go 30deg UK wide and topping Mid 30's Midlands South ... A Week to go yet , but not that far in FI with it starting around +144 . The Chart above shows a nice long draw from the South ...
  3. Thats why im thinking places in the West , and further North will do rather well as further away from any onshore breeze .
  4. 39.2 Gravesend -Friday 28th June 36.3 Manchester -Friday 28th June
  5. Cant remember a time In my lifetime , that I have seen 850's like that , can only ever remember 20c 850's clipping SE . For places like Manchester that are fairly sheltered , temp records will likely be broken for areas in Northern England
  6. Well on all tonights Models , looks like the UK will hit over 30deg widely by Mid week , with the possibility of records being broken in the Se
  7. Nice Plume building in towards the end of the GFS run would be a scorcher if it came off .
  8. Live in quite a high area (250m asl) but not convinced.....
  9. I love Cold and Snow , but to be honest it's been lovely , sitting in pub garden with kids having a bbq yesterday. Park with kids elc. Spring is a lovely time of year . Mind you it's Freezing now it's after dark
  10. Personally think March will be Colder than average simply by law of averages, the p/v will calm down by March (always does) and the High over the uk then morel likely to spread North with the remaining energy in the Atlantic moving SE undercutting the High.
  11. It won't even reach Leicester in the end lol . Feel sorry for shakey as I was born in Leicester , and my family have kept me updated on the lack of Snow .
  12. I hope Winter starts in November next Winter to make up for this Winter
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