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  1. Tiger Roll Beware The Bear Anibale Fly £5 e/w on each please.
  2. Wishing -7 heavy snow but... 21.2 Gravesend , Wednesday.
  3. More affluent, hence footfall from overseas travel much higher?...a hence higher spread of import of the virus.
  4. Twitter is a cesspool..Surprised they haven't faked a zombie outbreak in Wuhan yet.....Fake news, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  5. That's not good news....expect worse to follow as we head into Mid week
  6. Category 1 - Jan 15th 2021 Category 2 - Helen March 30th Category 3 - April 10th 2020 -5 Category 4 - May 6th 2020 To be honest suspect I've nailed it on all 4.
  7. If I had a pound for every time Iv heard 'squall line' today....it's a fine band of rain that changes nothing...This so called storm has had some serious flood, property, personal consequences...But to me it didn't manage to live up to the hype in terms of wind speed.
  8. Yes def that is a Bartlett...couple of nudges west and East and that is an Azores to East Russian high...a Bartlett
  9. I keep getting my posts moved...here to my solace home..The South East thread where I can relax
  10. Id suggest gardeners don't think an early warm Spring is going to happen......
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