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  1. The JMA 3 month outlook now looks poor for uk sustained heat....I'm only surmising but I reckon were in for a Summer of cool northern blocking...We will see.
  2. Jesus Christ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-london-42173356/footage-captures-rats-around-bin-bags-in-harrow-car-park
  3. I've already called a mid Feb scandy high courtesy of raw Jma an Mogreps data...lets have a tune....
  4. Will be excellent to see another come good...Scandinavia high form horse mid Feb....Jma and Mogreps signatures.
  5. Models are clueless right now....expecting a more negative Nao to start showing after weekends model runs, Def scandy high potential post mid month. 00z 12z
  6. Seems a distant memory when we got this....Best since Feb 1991 For London
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