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  1. Sorry Joggs but if it wasn't,t for those Diddley squat background signals you wouldn't,t have the jet on a nw/se track and you,d be staring mild southwesterlies in the face for the next month
  2. He did say then colder again after the less cold blip Sleety
  3. but I thought it was wedges what made sledges Blue
  4. Broadmayne blizzard

    Model tweets

    This guy really annoys me with the lack of context in his tweets.
  5. A bit more consistency between ECM and GFS this morning and singing from a very similar hymnsheet at 240.
  6. The thing is Crewe that your missing the point. Most of us on here don,t expect months of snowy Armageddon every winter. Most of us would be happy with two weeks of cold/snowy weather and that would make our winter, ano matter how less than brilliant the charts might look today that is still entirely possible and given the continued background signals actually quite likely.
  7. For those bemoaning our current chart output am I not right in Thinking that the guys with greatest knowledge. GP etc were going with a start date of around the 21st for snow prospects then a possibility of needing a few bites of the cherry before the severest of the weather arrived for the first half of February. As far as I can see that is still the picture.
  8. Indeed Damianslaw. This whole long forecast colder section of winter has always been based on a nw/se based sinking jet which would allow hieghts to build to our north or north west. The Scandi high has never been a favoured option. Even the ECM options of the past couple days only had it as a transient feature ready to retrogress quickly towards Iceland. The clusters that MWB examines for us have also gone noticeably for hieghts to the north or Northwest rather than the north East so I for one din,t quite understand the weeping and wailing at the removal of an option that was always tentative at best and going against the general direction of longers term ens guidance.
  9. So let's just all relax shall we. It's a simple case a cold outlier this morning and and a warm outlier this evening
  10. Before we all start get to downhearted with a less than exciting ECM. It's worth noting that the Meto medium to longer term outlook is much more in line with what the GFS snowy runs have been showing than the ECM. Perhaps mogreps and Glosea are seeing more of a GFS outcome going forwards ...... Just a thought.
  11. Not really cold that's a completely natural evolution seen many times before over the years.
  12. Excellent ECM this morning so far. The arctic high drops into Scandi to link with the Atlantic high and turning things easterly, good continuation and consistency now from the ECM.
  13. The main thing longer term on the GF,S this morning is the retrogression to the Greenland high as per the long term ens guidance.
  14. So now that tonight's GFS is a carbon copy of last night's ECM can I take that winter is not over after all. Just joking guys gals certainly showing how easily the ops can jump from very cold to less cold solutions within the ensemblr envelope In Just a few hours.
  15. The ECM mean doesn't look that dissimilar from last night's op run.