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  1. The thunderstorms of the Sunday 5th June 1983 spring immediately to mind affecting southern coastal regions of Dorset and Hampshire. 3.5 inches of rain. Giant hail. Accompanied by coal and coke falling from the sky having been taken up to cloud level by a tornado and coated in ice. massive shelf cloud as the storm approached which local in Poole described as looking lik the end of the world. just around the corner from my current address a local grower saw 5,000 lettuces shredded in 5 minutes by the giant hail which also injured participants in a fun run in Bournemouth. another even more localised event happened in February 1979 when the Isle of Purbeck had a fall of 4-6 inches of snow while nowhere else in Dorset had a flake.
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I,m wondering about the May sea surface temp connection with following winter Synoptics and how that is looking this year. Dipoles ,tripoles etc.
  3. As so often happens here the supposed rain has been vastly overplayed by the forecasters. Met office had heavy rain symbol with 90 percent chance now for the same time cloud symbol and 10 percent chance. This happens slot here in spring and summer.
  4. Just a few raindrops here but will not be measurable rain. Drought conditions here now only 2 days of measurable rain in the last 32 days. A total of 4mm in that time. Be interesting to see just how much we get over the weekend. I,m not yet convinced it will be that much
  5. I was thinking the self same thing Tim.06z and 18z bring winters last hurrah and12z and 0z take us to early summer.
  6. Interesting slow moving slack low in sub minus 5 air over central southern England around 168-192 so just outside the semi reliable but something to keep an eye on going forward. It should be no surprise to see the models oscillating between spring warmth and winters last hurrah as the seasonal wavelengths become more meridional.
  7. Blimey a springtime slider on tonight's ECM. Haven't seen one those since The famous April 81 blizzard.
  8. Typical. Astronomical spring starts and there’s more northern blocking than you can shake a stick at. The final sneering laugh of a pathetically dire winter
  9. Wouldn't surprise me to see some snow even down here in the south Sleety Quite a few of the ghastly late 80,s and late 90's winters saw snow falling in April. 89 and 99 in particular after dire mild mush through the winter nonths
  10. I see the net office further outlook is now acknowledging the prospect of an easterly in the medium to long term.
  11. If we can get some these Boom charts down from D15 to D7 then this place will start buzzing again. After the dire winter we've had so far us cold and snow hunters deserve something simply for sticking it out. Long way to go yet but a least some promising prospects and a chance to let the land dry out on the way there.
  12. I,d love it to come off Feb just as a small recompense for the utterly sh*te winter we,'ve had to put up with. Hi
  13. Way too early to start talking down an easterly that may not even appear given the range at which it is predicted. If it comes off and it's a big if then the orientation will be all important ideally a southwest/northeast orientation to drag some of the really old air out if northwest Russia as per the 06z and some of the ensemble members
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