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  1. Yer he said 2nd half of night dying out but tomorrow especially daytime looking good for a fair few snow showers more west and north yorks this time. Didn`t like the look of next Mon/Tue temps of 9 deg though
  2. I wouldn`t bet against that being the case but you would think they would have said on BEEB alot of doubt etc and started to backtrack as the forecasts after ECM 0Z data Hell of alot can change between now and then for good and bad if its snow you want IMO
  3. Interesting forecas just now on BEEB (yes its the BEEB!!) but they continued to show a decent amount of snow showers on and off today/tonight and tomorrow wind turns more NE blowing quite a few more into our region on that NE trajectory! Also said we still expect cold to win end of week. Local forecast the same, after weekend could lose the potential as has been highlighted but before then much to pay for it seems, according to BEEB *caveats
  4. Delaying the bad news if you like cold and snow no doubt!
  5. But then Paul Hudson Look North has just said rain showers today but these will change to sleet/snow overnight acummulations not just high ground possible and more of the same tomorrow!! One step in, one step out......................
  6. Lunchtime forecast westerly winds by weekend and into next week little snow anywhere.... Think I`ve dropped my straw!!
  7. Well only yesterday the margins and streamers were more than favourable so things only need to change very slightly!! Thats my straw and I`m clutching it tightly
  8. TBF they never show anything on the actual graphics despite talking about how our region yesterday and today are right in the firing line for heavy precipitation all week so I wouldn`t worry to much at this stage
  9. How far north and east the less cold air pushes won`t be known until nearer the time but it looks very temporary according to this and a very decent update for our region there IMO Ignore time stamp its just been updated now Friday 8 Jan - Sunday 17 Jan Some outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow are likely across central areas initially, with wintry showers also feeding in from the North Sea. Through Friday precipitation will be tending to decay in both of these regions, with cold, fine and dry conditions becoming more widespread. Over the weekend conditions across the country are likely to turn more unsettled with cloud and patchy rain spreading east and temperatures recovering to near average for many, by this time the risk of sleet and snow will most likely become confined to the north of the country. Through the following week rather cold conditions are most likely to re-establish nationwide, with northern and western areas continuing to see frosts. Updated: 04:00 (UTC) on Sun 3 Jan 2021
  10. Beeb weather earlier made specific mention to Yorkshire as the main area this week for bands of showers of sleet/snow accumulations etc and towards end of the week potentail of it becoming more unsettled but still very cold So `could` be a very good week at least for our part of the world, parameters allowing etc etc
  11. Indeed they are! Yesterdays monthly update from Beeb was very different though so something has to give hopefully for the snowier option
  12. Wow Everyone really has given up on our so called winter now, hardly a post on the model output in 2 days!!
  13. If its any consolation guys the lunchtime Look North forecast `looked` like showers would really pep up and become heavier later on this evening onwards We shall see
  14. At least there is more interest for all those seeking cold in the models at the moment even if the end result is pretty much as per normal!! Models have been very bullish rolling out week after week of milder than average dross recently...……..a points deduction without question should be enforced for the models bare cheek...……..will the outlook improve..………….very SCEPTICAL!!! ? LIKEY CREEEEEEEEEWWWWW
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