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  1. Hi guys, I'll be moving shortly to an area with very flat fields at the back and looking for suggestions for an outdoor 1080p Wi-FI PTZ IP Camera. Any suggestions? I'd ideally like it to be able to stream continuously with the option to easily embed it's own software onto my website, such as a nest camera? I know you can do this with their indoor cameras. But do they also do outdoor variants? Also, is there an easy way to allow remote users to control the PTZ system themselves remotely via embedded UI on my website in a browser, is there any kind of cheap and easy solution for this? @Mapantz I think you may be the most knowledgeable in this area, any tips? Thanks!
  2. Offer accepted! Out with dad on the Sunday to the estate agents to sign the contract for a new Bungalow, then it's off to move to Althorne! So I will remain as Essex Easterly. 😛 

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    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Lol at least it's a tiny bit more ASL than Pitsea, 38m instead of 21 lol. Went back there today after seeing the estate agents and realised there's a load of trees on the walk path just behind the garden, not allowed to touch them, shouldn't bee too much bother as I'll be mounting the separate anemometer on the side of the roof, ISS at 2m and the camera can go on the side roof too, best of both worlds, accurate readings, plus a sheltered garden from the wind coming over the flat fields. I bet it will be absolutely freezing in an easterly! Will be able to get great cloudscapes, storm timelapses as well as images of the frozen fields in winter, also great for sunrises and sunsets! Hoping to upgrade to a PTZ IP camera so I can remotely pan&tilt it for the website when storms track across the horizon

    3. lassie23


      sounds better than my dump hole

    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      It sounds like a very lovely village.

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  3. Microburst in Pheonix, Arizona 2016


  4. Mum's only gone and hired the wrong type of skip, the right size but without a drop end door, somehow got to lift rocks almost the same weight as me over the side of it instead of rolling them in now, not impressed 😑

    1. Snipper


      Why moan at Mum?  

      If wrong skip get on a deal with it. Not sure if some mum’s know of the different sorts. Why didn’t you help her bearing in mind you experience of such things?

    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      @Surrey All together there were roughly 15 rocks, I managed to load all the small ones into the skip, and the larger ones I rolled back down the garden as features, were just impossible to get over the side of the skip, even with the neighbours help.@Snipper I did advise her what was needed at the time but I guess she forgot, I don't live with her and can only help out when I'm around, she's almost impossible to get hold of via the phone lol. All done now though, finally!

    3. Snipper


      Frustrating. My mum doesn’t know who I am so hopefully things are better with yours. Rubbish getting old. 

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  5. Essex Easterly

    Unknown clouds

    Would love to know the cloud type if anybody knows??
  6. What clouds are these please? 


    1. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Orange ones 🤪

    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Thanks! Looked like a decent sunset last night so thought I'd pop out and snap a photo

    3. lassie23


      they look like cloudy clouds

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  7. The random south ockendon strike is legit, just heard it in pitsea, hopefully bodes well for later!
  8. Do you know the reason behind the name change? Edit: You are right, according to Google the name was changed back in 2009
  9. That's a pretty bland statement, what's the reasoning for not wanting to leave, possessions perhaps? For me it's agoraphobia, but that's a discussion for another thread, I would do all I could to prepare before hand, such as sandbagging, bring electrical items, food, valuables upstairs and torches or candles in case the power goes out, then wait for the water to subside, as long as its below 2 feet, any higher and I'd be scared of being trapped and having to be rescued from a window or the roof.
  10. Not sure whether this was picked up on the broadcast, as I don't remember any commentary on it, but this was a bit too close for comfort for Perez!
  11. I agree, if they're going to take action they need to sort the lot out at the same time, although I'm not sure what they could replace plastic lids with, plastics are 1000 years to decompose and the equivalent, polystyrene can take much much longer.
  12. slowly healing! Never dig trees out in a drunken state and then scratch them due to the grazing , dreading the next lot of antiseptics for redressing again later 😬



  13. It could be worse - http://www.ladbible.com/news/news-weird-denim-panties-that-cost-235-go-viral-20190329
  14. Nice 6 mile walk round the coast today 🙂 

  15. Been very lucky so far today with the showers in Benfleet, dodged every single cell, no doubt will crop something later though!
  16. Met a mate I've known for 14 years from Bedford NH 😄 Great guy!


  17. Currently reading Happyslapped by a jellyfish by Karl Pilkington, very good so far, and a bargain at only 60p from the charity shop. I think I may pick up some of his later books
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