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  1. Currently 0.5c here with a dew point of 0c, maybe some wishful thinking will give me a better chance!
  2. Now that todays snow event is finally over and tomorrow looking a bit too marginal I can safely say...
  3. Some of the hills here have now been closed, cars are having trouble getting up them!
  4. 1.7c here now, not sure of the DP, See a few flakes earlier outside so going for a cig to check it out!
  5. down to 2.1c here now and more of the rain has turned into flakes, come on!!!!
  6. A bit of a wintry mix here, a mess of wet flakes, sleet and rain, but the temperature is still dropping. Is the snow line expected to go south as the winds become more northerly when the LP moves away? I've gone from 3.0c to 2.5c within an hour
  7. It does that every so often but usually only lasts for one frame, check in 5 minutes
  8. Looks like East Anglia is going to cop the best of it tonight! The wind seems to have finally veered NE a tad, so hopefully the SE can get the best of the rest!
  9. Most of the PPN coming off of the North Sea into East Anglia is showing up on radar as sleet, it's not until it gets far inland that it turns back to snow, hoping the wet bulb temp and dew points can stay cold enough by the time the bands hit us.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I've just checked my stock battery cover and there is no seal on it. so it doesn't come sealed from the factory!
  11. I also have a Vantage Vue and the battery has never been replaced, it's boxed up right now ready for a move so I will check mine and get back to you.
  12. Isn't freezing drizzle what Burger King put into their milkshakes?
  13. It's feeling quite chilly here tonight for the first time since March. figures from Wunderground are showing 5.4c locally, although It'll still be a good few weeks still until I get a frost here I recon!
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