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  1. You never know with how the models are interpreting this SSW at the minute! Prey that wobbly cow you posted earlier doesn't slip on the ice tomorrow morning I can hear girders bending and cattle groaning already
  2. It took me a while but I've finally worked out why our easterlies have been awful for years now.

    He weighs over 20 stone and is over 7 foot tall, and since he retired our easterlies have been dreadful!

    The beast from the east rules out a comeback

    1. lassie23


      looks like a caveman

  3. Thanks, nothing showing in red Does seem to be an issue my side, usually the dropdown would appear with the searched postcode a few seconds after I've finished typing, I can only get it to do this now if I left click in the search. I'll keep tinkering!
  4. This may just be me but I'm not sure I can't input/change any postcodes or locations on the main site under the weather forecasts or risk pages, it was working last night.. Happens in both Chrome and Edge, I've cleared cache and history but still nothing
  5. I was chuffed with Bernie leaving and liberty media taking over with all their new promises, but right now it looks as if they're adamant about fixing things that weren't issues in the first place! I hope the new engine regs for 2021 bring about a step in the right direction and aid more competition
  6. Best here locally in south Essex I think judging by the radar really locally would be Southend, most of the blobs have just managed to clip the town. New blob going over now to get more coastal fringes, I might just see something out of this one
  7. I'm still here too, literally every blob is skirting 5 miles to the south of me at the moment, it's so frustrating
  8. Get the ladder out and go stick a new bulb in it Or do the council turn them off at midnight there too?
  9. Last I heard the BBC are still using the MO for their forecasts and will be until at least March as meteogroup still aren't ready to take over, delays, much like our forecasts of easterlies
  10. Nice to see the convective showers way out east in the north sea now showing on radar as turning sleety, I know it's not from observation but just model data, but still, bodes well for the next few days as the land's much colder than the sea
  11. That'll do me, it's only a 5 minute drive onto the island lol, as long as it doesn't snow too much, or I'll never get off
  12. I'd say -4/-5c widely, -6/-7c in rural spots, wouldn't discount a -10c in a rural spot with snow cover As long as we get clear nights anyway
  13. You been playing with the witches cauldron again?
  14. Nearly, slowly but steady.... Maybe a small snow dance will help? Just over half an hour before the 12Z run starts!
  15. Don't worry, London should see the Lofty heights of 10c tomorrow! You should be able to take off your double layers, scarf and puffer jacket tomorrow
  16. Nice to see Germany and French GP's back for the season!
  17. Ended up with about an hour and a half of snowfall here in the end, some big 50p flakes, with a covering on the cars, grass and roof, road was starting to get a covering before it turned back to rain. Nothing falling now, but still a covering on cars / soil etc
  18. Since the snow has arrived here the temperature has gone from 1.3c to 0.1c and still dropping, there's now also a slight covering on roofs
  19. Just as it finally starts to snow here the whole PPN type on radar turns to rain south of birmingham
  20. Follow 8 people and nobody follows me back :sorry:

    1. Dami


      In my defense old bean, I was at the swimming pool don't ya know and then went out for BBQ burgers. 

      la de dah 

    2. Daniel*


      I followed you :wink: 

    3. JennyJane1


      i don't think i follow anyone. :cc_confused:

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